zondag 5 maart 2017

Matching kitchen chairs

After making the table I just couldn't resist to start with making chairs :)
My son advised me to have at least two chair that are the same instead of them all being different. More realistic that way, like there were originally four but two were replaced when they broke. 
Those two are the chairs, matching the table, from Julie Warren's book.  

The meassuring and cutting of the wood was very straining, since I can only do that correct (all those 2 and 3 mm strips) without my glasses and bending over till my nose almost hits the table top. That's why I only cut 1 or 2 pieces each time.

I wait extra long for the glue to dry, since it's so fragile. You can see, how they're going to be in the book, it's in the corner of the photo. 

It was fiddly doing the chair but I've become more patient then when I was when I started with miniatures a year ago. It really has more to do with being a perfectionist, I think.
I cut 7 chair seats before I was satisfied with the size (a)

After I finished making both chairs, I stained the seats. Also stained the top of the cabinet (3 layers xD) and varnished the table! The chairs will be painted another time, when I know better which colours I want for the kitchen.

I put the stool into the scene just for the photo but it might end up in the cottage as well.

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