maandag 18 november 2019

Crafting together (autumn) - November

It was my turn to get birthday swaps when we met two weeks ago :)
Jolinda and Monique surprised me with wonderful presents for my Hogsmeade cottage!

Monique had made me a Mandrake in a pot, and a Halloween themed cross stitch cushion. The flower basket with the red roses and the macramé wall hanging was made bij Jolinda. They'll get a good spot with Bianca and Penny in the cottage :)

As I mentioned last time, we wanted to make a crow or raven for the small autumn themed scene and maybe, if we'd have time, a scare crow :)
I'd found this tutorial on Youtube that looked very clever. A bit bigger than 1:12 scale but that shouldn't be a problem.
Just getting a proper basic shape for the bird's body, however, certainly was! :)
Monique succeeded a lot faster than Jolinda and I did, but at the end of the time together we all had at least the body finished. Legs, feet and tail were another story though ^^

I finished it a few days later. It wasn't the most easy thing to do, but I felt very accomplished when I managed it! The 3 feathers I used for the tail are form my own lovebird Taco. I cut them and painted them black :)

Time for the crow to go and sit on the fence.

I didn't make the scare crow after all, because I didn't want to add more things in the scene, but I know Monique and Jolinda did. Jolinda's can be seen here in her autumn scene; click!
The little toad is made by Kim from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.


Next time, in December, we'll be making some Christmas miniatures. And then next year it's time to continue with the Italian project ;)

donderdag 14 november 2019

Sunflowers and a kite

In October we'd started a small autumn themed scene with the mini club. Afterwards I've  added some sunflowers and a kite.

I started without a tutorial, at first following Jolinda's example. The flowers are made from tissue paper, painted with acrylic paint in different shades of yellow and orange.
I used Jolinda's daisy punch, which looks like this one, I think. Each flower has three layers and in the middle I attached an extra paper circle with a bit of herbal tea/coffee mix glued on :)
The stem is made with floral wire and floral tape. I added some extra layers of tape at the end to get it tapered. Then I glued the stem to the back of the flower.

With another (flower) punch and some green painted tissue paper I made tiny bracts (leaves) and attached 5 or 6 from the stem to the back of the flower.

So this is what it looked then;

When I started working on the next flowers I realized I wasn't entirely happy with the transition from stem to (sun)flower. It wasn't fluently enough imo.
So I experimented a bit and figured out a way. I put a drop from a glue pistol on the end of some floral wire, wiggled it a bit while it hardened to get a tear shape, and after that taped it with the floral tape.
I cut the end straight and glued it to the back of the flower, and then did the brackts like I showed before.

On the left is the one without using the glue(gun), on the right is the one with it (first photo without brackts, second photo with them xD);

For the leaves I used a holly leave punch and the green painted tissue paper (two layers glued together this time). The photo shows from right to left how I cut and shaped the leaves and glued them to the floral wire and attached it to the stem. I wrapped some flower tape around that part as well.

The finished sunflowers together against the fence.

Because the glass dome was a bit higher than was needed only for the fence, I thought about something to add that could fill some of the space in the dome.
The idea of a kite, blown away by the wind untill it's string got tangled in the fence :)

The kite is made of an old plastic bag, two cocktail picks, a piece of wire and Durabel cotton nr 6.
I searched for 1:1 scale tutorial for proportions and came up with these measurements (cm).

To get the kite in the air I've put some glue on the piece of wire and tightly wrapped the cotton thread around it.

In the next blog I'll tell about what we did with the mini club two weeks ago ;)

donderdag 7 november 2019

Update on the cottage (at last)

I haven't been able to write any blogs the previous month, because I was preparing for NaNoWriMo. It started last week, so no crafting untill December, only writing ;)
The Hogsmeade cottage is still on my mind though, since it appeared in my story long before I began making miniatures. So a lot of new scenes about Bianca and Penny (amongst other things) will be written this month.
I'd reached the daily goal of 10.000 words early yesterday, so I decided to write one or more of the blogs that were overdue ;)

I'll start with a couple of things I've done in the living room since the last update.
One of the things I should have done before placing the fire place was making curtains for the little window at the back.
Knowing it would be a tiresome job was probably why it took me awhile to continue with the living room in the first place ;)

While looking for a good way to make the curtains, I found this tutorial for curtains with sewn on rings by Kendra's Minis. It just seemed a match for Bianca's home :)
So I started by making the curtain rod from two beads and a skewer. And for the brackets I used small spiral parts of a laser cut wooden ornament.

I painted the skewer black, and used bronze patina on the other parts. Of course I only glued one bead to the rod, because I still had to make the curtains ;)

Attachting the curtain rod brackets to the wall was as difficult as I imagined :')
I had to remove the fire place and therefore the ceiling with the beams and the wooden floor.

But I persevered ;) The rod is - obviously - removable so I can hang the curtains at a later date.

Having to remove the ceiling and flooring also gave me the opportunity to add the mini LED light strip I'd purchased at the fair at the back of one of the beams. It took me quite some time but especially the added light at the back of the room was worth it.

I used the vener slats from Bibian Angelique Miltkau as skirting boards and to cover the front view of the floor and ceiling.

Then it was time for the curtains. I'd found some nice fabric and - following Kendra's tutorial - I only needed to decided what look I'd prefer for the cottage livingroom; with or without curtain tie back. I think it will be without :)

I couldn't take a good photo from the inside (window) but apart of a window sill it would look like this;

Unfortunately the rod brackets on the inside were placed a bit higher, so the curtains ended up being 1 cm too short.
So that'll be my next task for the living room.
But first - after this writing month - I'll finish the little autumn scene we've been working on with the mini club and then I probably want to do something for Christmas, so yeah ... next year, I guess ;)

zondag 6 oktober 2019

Crafting together (autumn) - October

We've decided last month to put our projects on hold for a couple of times and work on a small autumn themed scene. Our initial inspiration was this lovely fence.

Though I'd decided to do a wooden fence like this one.


So I've worked on the base and the fence while they were here and then did some more that evening and yesterday 🙂

I'll add some more sunflowers to the single one and next month we'll try to make a raven with Fimo and a scarecrow.

The little toad Kim from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo made is very content now that I finally found him somewhere to live :)

maandag 23 september 2019

Another visit to the fair in Rijswijk, so many pretties!

I had a great time at the fair in Rijswijk yesterday :)
For the first time I didn't go on saturday but on sunday. It meant that I couldn't travel with Jolinda in the morning and had to leave at 7 am to catch the train, but instead I got a ride home when she left at 3 pm, for which I - and my feet - were very grateful ;)

Middelburg at 7 am <3

I'd arranged to meet Sandra again, whom I'd met last time at the fair. It was great fun to spend the day together at the fair, though we were a bad influence on each others budget ;)
It wasn't as busy as usual which we both enjoyed since it meant an opportunity to talk with the exhibitors/shop owners and look more thoroughly at some of the miniatures.
Talked with Louise of Gweaneth's Dream and Thea of Minidoor as usual, and we met Christel (from the FB group Actieve Poppenhuisforum as well) and her husband for lunch.

I didn't take any photographs at the fair, but of course I want to show you my precious ^^

I've been wanting to buy ornaments at Bindels for awhile now, but have always been a bit overwhelmed with the amount of shiny things when I stood there. So this time I came prepared, meaning I had a list with everything I wanted ;)

With the ornaments I'll be able to maker the following miniatures (hopefully :P). And I bought two 28 mm clips with smooth jaws, a tube adhesive for jewellery, and bronze aging patina (because there won't be shiny things in the Scottish cottage ^^

Set of two silver candlesticks (kit)
Photo frame
Drawer or cabinet pulls
Christmas Wreath kit

As alway I couldn't pass Jan van den Doel without checking out the lovely fabrics, which means I'll never leave empty handed (a) Those might be used for the cottage as well some day.

At Nalladris I found these kits for Gothic candles (cottages), bats and dragons (we'll see where I put them lol). You can apply jewelry glue to the DIY brass kits, to gain thickness before painting. An then fold the wings with pliers for a realistic effect. It will be a challenge but I like those very fun!

Some things I hadn't listed, but wanted anyway;

  • Floral tape at Omgardens, the only thing for making flowers, which is apparently something I still try to avoid ;)
  • Veneer slats at Bibian Angelique Miltkau (how to, in Dutch), which I thought might be useful in the cottage, perhaps for skirting boards?
  • An ornament at De Poppenkraal, which will be made into a mirror for the cottage entry.
  • Flower planters, I don't remember where I'd found those. Might be at Stella Que Pasa?
  • And a LED strip at Atelier Valkenbos, which I want to hide on the ceiling behind one of the beams, to get more light in the back of the living room.

Last, but certainly not least; this staind-glass window at Glaskunst in Miniaturen.
The photo doesn't do it justice, it's really lovely!

So, I had a marvelous day, and I'm looking forwards to work on the cottage again :)

donderdag 12 september 2019

Floo Powder for wizarding transport

Whenever I'm not in the mind-set for extensive and/or time consuming miniature projects I'll just start making little props for the bigger scenes I'm working on. And if I'm lucky, it gives me just the inspiration to get going with that scene or room ;)

So, in order to get moving on with the living room of the cottage, I've made a (flower)pot filled with Floo Powder. The fireplace in the living room isn't big enough for travel but it'll do nicely for communication once Bianca has settled in :)

For those of you not familiar with Harry Potter; it probably looks like a small cactus :')

I've found this 1:1 scale tutorial which I thought would work with some adjustments for 1:12 scale as well.
In fact I haven't used any of the ingredients that are mentioned in the tutorial ^^
I've used bird sand, which I've sifted first. And because I didn't have - or wanted to buy - food colouring, I've used water, coloured with crepe paper (green and a bit of blue) instead.

According to the books Floo Powder is a silvery powder with a "glittering" appearance. This is what it looks like in the movies though ;)

dinsdag 3 september 2019

Crafting together (birthday swaps) - September

Yesterday our miniature crafting trio met again. Since Monique had had her birthday during the holidays and Jolinda's will be in a short while, we'd decided to do the birthday swaps for both of them this time.
I hadn't been crafting at all since I'd finished making the red bricks for the (Italian) pavement, so to have to do those swaps was nice :)

For Monique I'd made a little playtent, a reversible playmat and a flags banner. Found the idea in the Dutch magazine P&M nr. 162, though I did some tweaking.


For Jolinda I'd made two candle sticks, a tray and a French press coffe maker for either her brocante or her French doll house.
Tutorial for the coffe maker by Easy DIY Miniatures. 
Tutorial for the candlesticks by My Miniature Madness.
The tray was inspired a similar idea from the Dutch magazine P&M nr. 163. 

After exchanging the gifts and having tea and coffee we started crafting.
Monique tried to work out how to use her new 3D pen though when that didn't work, she made Fimo canes and then some very nice succulents.

Jolinda has been participating in Thea's Summer Project and worked on one of the last items - a watering can - she needed to do.

I've made a first batch of grey cobblestones for the Italian pavement. I'm not really sure about them. Maybe they'll turn out okay after some sanding and aging, but I might just start over.

That won't be anytime soon though. It's time to continue working on the cottage again. I know I said that before, but this time I've put the Italian project away (out of sight, out of mind? ^^) and the cottage on the diner table again! :)