zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

Fair in Rijswijk - fall edition :)

Today I went to the fair in Rijswijk again, for the fourth time in a row, and I'd had a wonderful time
Again I could get a ride with Jolinda, and we arrived at a quarter past nine. While Jolinda went through the back entrance to join the Minidoor team, I got in through the front of course and had to wait till the fair opened at ten o'clock.

In the train back I discovered that I'd forgotten to take photo's while at the fair, but I guessed that would have been the seen pictures I showed you in earlier blogs about Rijswijk ^^
So, let me just show you the many pretties I bought. I have to make new listings for my Etsy store soon because I'm totally broke lol

My precious xD

For new crochet projects

Very nice embroidery fabric and special needles

Already thinking about Christmas xD

Couldn't resist them. 1 euro each. Will find a purpose.

Never worked with a mold, so ... And more gorgeous fabric.

Christmas fabric and the black for new Halloween cushions?
Finally I can start making flowers (a) and some nice kits.

And last but not least, treasures from Georgia Marfels!

Very hard to choose but I love this Cornish Pixie <3

Besides looking at all those wonderful miniatures at the fair, it is always great to see familiair faces, met new people, either from (web)shops of from FB groups.

Today I enjoyed meeting Wendy, Stefan, Louise, Georgia, Thea, Anja and many more. And it was great getting to know Esther (All 4 dolls) in person after all the FB messages :)

So, I feel like a very happy, exhausted, but grateful person!