maandag 28 augustus 2017

Doors for the Hogsmeade Cottage, part 2

Just a short update on my doors (well 'short'; it took me a few days to write this ^^). I've been feeling rather poorly the last week, so I couldn't do much, and what I did ... well poorly crafted doors were the result. But you can only learn from mistakes, right? :')

I'd started with a closed door (above, on the left) and went very well. Untill, I noticed that the jamb and the frame of the door were for the opening between the entrance hall and the kitchen, and I wanted a door with a small window there :')
So, thought I could save that door for the attic and started the next. But ... glued the whole door instead of only around the window opening (above, middle) *sighs* Maybe I can used that part if I can remove the 'glass' and make the second solid door?
Well, third time's the charm, isn't it? So, this time I did everything right, and I was very proud of the result. Untill ... I saw that the door was just a few mm too small, so it just fitted between the doorstop instead of against it :(


But, on the positive side; I love the way the window turned out the second time :) 
I used two sheets of gelatine and moved them just a bit sidewards to create smaller diamond shapes.

Fortunately, the jamb and frame also fitted in the opening of the attic wall.

I decided to see if I could make a better fitted door by added a thin slat of wood. Another benefit would be that I could use that for the hinges, and figuring those out without damaging the door :')

Using masking tape before glueing things is my secret :)

 It nearly fitted, so I could just cut a slice from that slat of Balsa.

 The nails will get in the door after I'll glue it all together.

So, I guess it's time to stain the frame, attach the hinges to it and then fit the door a final time :)

maandag 21 augustus 2017

Doors for the Hogsmeade Cottage

After I finished the first set of windows, it became real quiet around the cottage.
I did manage to make a door and felt quite proud about that, even though I'd forgotten to add a treshold, and I couldn't open it more than a few centimeters before the tiny nails came loose.

And then summer (holiday) started, and the 1:1 world got a bit hectic when my son suddenly decided to move to the place where he's going to study after all :')
So, with everything settled down, I thought it was the right moment to continue this house building project (a)
But I needed to figure out the problem with the door first. Well, it turned out to be a rather silly mistake; my hinges were on the outside on the door instead of in between the door and the frame.
My second attempt was better, still on the wrong side of the door, but in the end I finally got the idea :)

Unfortunately, the door didn't look very decent after all the alterations, so, I decided to start from scratch.

  Both sides are now in one piece and I can slide it in the opening after staining it.

I also made a different door. It's based on the doors in my own old house so I hope it'll fit a cottage too ^^

The only question is, do I choose the doors closed or with a little window, or maybe solid for bathroom and bedroom on the firstfloor/attic, and open for the living room and kitchen below. (I have both in my home)

So, though I'm still not sure about those hinges, I feel more confident about getting the job done :)

P.S. A tutorial from 1inchminisbykris had got me started with the jamb and the frame of the door, though I had to make lot of changes in the end. Her door opening was 1 cm, mine 4 mm, she used cardboard instead of Balsa, and ... she used pin hinges instead of real hinges. And that's why I forgot the treshold and placed the hinges the wrong way at first :')
But the tutorial was still very usefull!

woensdag 16 augustus 2017

Crocheted potholders

I only did some small crochet projects *pun intended ^^ * the previous months. Due to Pinterest I got inspired by making tiny pot holders. Why? I don't know, they just looked so pretty (the 1:1 scale version) that I just wanted to try it ;)
I don't have a stove, don't have a finished kitchen, in fact, I don't even have a house yet (a)

Anyway, after a few attempts I ended up with these pretty things. I used a crochet hook 0.6 and a single strand of DMC embroidery floss.

Aren't they pretty? <3

zondag 13 augustus 2017

The Harry Potter Exhibition, Utrecht - part 2

En het tweede - en laatste - deel :)
Vooral Hagrids hut vond ik erg inspirerend, met al die natuurlijke materialen. Helaas was het daar erg donker, anders had ik vast nog meer mandjes en kisten gefotografeerd (a)
Ook bij het Verboden Bos en de Zweinstein Express was het te donker om foto's te maken, dus geen Centaurs en Hippogrief etc. En - wat je sowieso niet kan vastleggen natuurlijk - ik vond het er zo heerlijk aards ruiken ;)






Toen we (veel te snel) bij de uitgang kwamen, zijn we omgekeerd en teruggelopen. Het was toen ook net was rustiger dus konden we alles opnieuw goed bekijken en makkelijker foto's maken (a)
Tegenstribbelend (ik mocht geen derde keer van Yannick ^^) uiteindelijk voorbij de uitgang gelopen.
Nog even de merchandise bekeken, maar niets gevonden wat ik nog niet had en wilde kopen. Ja, enkel een afdelingssjaal, maar ik kon niet beslissing over de afdeling. Ja, ik ben een Huffelpuf, maar dat geel ... brrr en dan heb ik ook nog een paarse winterjas :')
Ik vrees dat m'n afdelingstrots niet op weegt tegen mijn gevoel voor stijl ghe ghe.