zondag 28 januari 2018

Crafting together - January

Last week Jolinda and Wil came for our monthly crafting afternoon, which reminded me of the fact that I hadn't even written about our meeting in December :')

Crafting together in December

We've put our garden/roombox project on hold for the moment. We wanted to do something for Christmas last month and decided to make a christmas cake together.
The crafting morning/afternoon was lots of fun, as all ways, and productive as well. We didn't finish decorating a cake because we first made quite a few with the moulds Jolinda brought along. 
Wil had to leave before we were going to figure out how to make the icing but at least she made some cakes and gingerbread man :)

Photo & miniatures by Wil
After a lot of mixing Jolinda and I made a batch of icing for Jolinda's cakes and it looked good .... untill we baked it. For some reason all the icing dripped from the cake.
Somehow I'd forgotten dat the Translucent White Fimo needed to be mixed with a tiny bit of vaseline before and adding Fimo Liquid :') Only later that evening did I figure that out and when I tried it again it worked ^^

Crafting together in January

So this last Monday we wanted to do another Fimo project, because we don't give up and don't give in ;)
We had decided on making tea cups/mugs and/or plates. We struggled a lot. Wil mad a tea cup she was happy with, but Jolinda and I started over and over, and over ... :')
In the end I decided to make some mugs with the moulds I'd made for the Christmas mugs, and Jolinda started making some moulds for tea cups.

After they had last I started looking for better Youtube tutorials for plates and found this one which used a stamp. I remembed I had bought that same stamp some time ago but never used it.
So I've tried it and the first attempt wasn't that bad :) Not sure about the colour, and they need polishing and other finish, but I see potential here ^^

You can see Jolinda's second attempt on her own blog.

dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Doors for the Hogsmeade Cottage, part 3

It has been a while since I worked on building the Hogsmeade cottage. I've done lots of other things, and also spend time with making miniatures for my Etsy show. And of course then it was time to start crafting Christmas miniature :)
I'd promised myself during that time that January would be the month to continue building my cottage. So, with all Christmas decorations, big and small, put away again, and all the wooden walls and parts of the cottage waiting for me on my large dining table, it was time ^^

The hardest part now, was to figure out where to start :')  I knew I was struggling with the doors but I was not sure if I'd found a solution already. It'd been four months and I'd changed the plans so many times already. And on top of that, I have a terrible memory (a)

I decided to reread the previous blogs about the cottage to jog my memory.
For those who are interested, here you'll find the first blog and the background story for the cottage: A new project!

Before continuing with the door and those evil hinges I made the other door frames/jambs. I glued them in the openings, sanded them and stained them.
(you can find a link to the original tutorial for jambs here)

I showed you in August about the small slat of Balsa I'd use to fit the door. I still rather use that method instead of carving the openings for the hinges in the door, and probably ruin it :')

After checking it multiple times (a) I glued that slat to the door and sanded it.

Now I'm going to stain the door and then glue the hinges and nails to the door. Keeping my fingers crossed in the mean time ;)

This door is the one for the first floor, between the (attic) landing and the bathroom btw. The door will open into the bathroom.
The doors for the entrance hall will have little windows.