vrijdag 27 april 2018

Craft of the Month - April

Though I got an idea right away for the monthly challenge at (Dutch) FB group Actieve Poppenhuisforum, I almost thought I wouldn't get it done before the deadline. The last couple of weeks were very busy with my (volunteer)work, so this is actually the first thing I've done since I'd showed you the progress on the roombox.

For April's challenge you had to make something with at least 3 of the following materials:
1. clay
2. plastic (e.g. a cap, packing material)
3. rhinestones
4. buttons
5. paper

Two were optional or could be changed in something else. Paint and glue was free to use.

The clay and paper immediately reminded me of the books I'd made with real snake skin. Maybe another magical book would be nice :)

I'd changed my mind about using the clay though, so rhinestones would by the best alternative to use. 
font-size: 13.2px;">To get inspiration I looked for books from the Harry Potter world about gems and magical stones and found these illustrations by Jim Kay!

Well, after seeing those it was easy ;) Though I think the cap should be a bit smaller (and neater ^^), I like this new addition.  color: #222222; font-family: "arial" , "tahoma" , "helvetica" , "freesans" , sans-serif; font-size: 13.2px;">I gave it the title "The Healing Powers of Phoenix Flint by Jim Kay".

dinsdag 17 april 2018

Crafting together - April

Last week Jolinda, Wil, Monique and I met again for an afternoon of crafting :)
We had planned to try doing some soldering, perhaps a window guard or a little fence. But first Monique had lots of fabric and floor panels for us to choose from if we wanted and we made photo's of our roomboxes.
It's very nice to see them together, with many similarities, but yet all very different at the same time. And while Jolinda, Will and I started this project a year ago, Monique had managed to catch up with us in just a few weeks :)

It could almost be an apartment building ;)

Jolinda's roombox

Wil's roombox

Monique's roombox

We did spend some time looking for examples for a soldering project and started with drawing  something for the window or door or a fence. We even took the soldering ironout of the box, but only Jolinda did a serious job with it ;) Monique had her baby to watch, Wil kept drawing her fence, and I managed to solder  one ... uh well, blob might be the right word :P
We decided unanimous that soldering might be something to try on our own.
The next time we'll work on these roomboxes for the last time together and talk about the next project we want to do.

So, this weekend I worked on some little things for the roombox; finally found a curtain for the door, so I could glue the door in its place. I made cushions for the garden bench.


I also realised the door needed a mail slot and a door lever, so that's what I did today. With some fancy gold coloured paper, a golden door knob, and some wire 'painted' with golden nail polish :)

With the second cushion there wasn't much room for the little girl to sit to be honest, but I like her standing there with her pet.

And no, I haven't forgotten; I still need to make all those leaves and flowers for the clematis. It will get done! ;)

maandag 9 april 2018

The fireplace for the living room

I'd given you a first glimpse of the fire place when I'd showed you the beams last week:

This fireplace is based on a combination of tutorials from JS Miniatures and Manual 'the Handyman', to which I've added my own idea's here and there :)
Like the bricks from egg carton I'd made, instead of brick like wallpaper. Underneath is a layer of grey acryl structure paint.

I worked on the back and the sides pieces at the same time,
so the rows would be level.

My ruler acted as a mason's line; a guide for setting bricks in
perfectly straight rows :)

I cut the sides that would be glued to the back at a
45-degrees angle.

Because the top part will be placed a bit downward, I did the
layers of bricks on the side parts upwards in the same angle.

Top view showing assembly

Back and side panel glued in place. Also
 remembered the wires for the campfire in time :)

In the meantime I'd  painted some thin card board (from a
pizza box ^^) with Gesso and gave it a little bit of structure
with a scourer. Once everything had dried I glued the
beams to it.

Testing if everything - ceiling, beams and
fireplace would fit.

Well, barely, and very carefully, but it did :)

Of course I should have put the wires
throught the opening in the wall first (a)

Testing the fire obviously required a chair :)

And even Harry couldn't resist it. It already
reminded him a bit of the Burrow, he told
me ;) I'm in a very happy place atm <3

vrijdag 6 april 2018

Update on the Hogsmeade Cottage: beams and bricks

March was busy month; I'd finally put the walls of the cottage together, went to the Fair in Spijkenisse, worked hard on the little roombox, made 6 plant hangers, an armchair, a photo box, a 1:36 scale sauna, and spent some evenings crochetting :)

The first week of April though I've finally been working om the cottage again.
Didn't know which room to start with, other than it had to be on the ground level (because of the electricity), but the living room seemed the easiest.
Because all the oak wood (windows, doors, staircase and possible furniture) might look a bit dark, and there will be added lots of colours because of the boho chic style I want, I've decided to keep the walls, floors and ceilings simple.
The floors will probably be wood or tiles (for the kitchen and maybe the bathroom), the walls will be primarily plastered in white, though I might give some walls a very light colour paint :)
And ... I want old oak beams!
So that's where I started. Lot of research of course; what's  common for a simple Scottish cottage? In which direction should the beams go? Which meassurements? And so forth ;)

According to Kim, and other miniaturists
there would be no need for the support struts
(the side pieces) because the beams are attached
to the ceiling and walls.
So, although I liked them, they had to go :')

When I started putting the beams together with
tape, I remembered the chimney breast that
should be integrated there also. 

Before I started aging the beams I marked the
side which would be glued to the ceiling, and
numbered them. Before I started staining them,
I put a piece of masking tape to that side as
well so I could handle it better.

First beams are finished. I love them!! ;)

This morning I put the whole frame in place
to see if it would fit and thought: 'Did
I do all the work only to see this?' :')

I forgot that I'm not 15 cm tall :)
Looks good from this angle. And it fit!

The exterior part of the fireplace.
Including a beam, just because I love them.

I've already started on the bricks on the inside.
Not sure if I'll keep the outside this way or
cover it (partly) with bricks too.
For those who asked; I made the beams from Balsa wood, 10 mm height and 6 mm deep. I used your regular indoor/outdoor oak wood-stain, just like I've done with the windows and doors.
Tutorial on how I make the beams look rustic from  Miniaturas y casas de munecas!

maandag 2 april 2018

More than mini sauna; 1:36 scale

I've managed to make the tiniest miniature I've done so far :)
Today is my parents 53th wedding aniversary. Together with my brother and sister we'll give them a giftcard for a sauna visit, and so yesterday I thought it would be fun to add a tiny sauna cabin with the card :)
I found this image of one, that look managable within a day. I decided to challenge my self and make it in halve dimension, but I didn't realise Lundby is already a 1:18 scale. So that makes my tiny sauna a 1:36 scale, I guess ;)

Lundby vintage sauna ref KM4287 1:18 scale

My sauna 1:36 scale