vrijdag 27 april 2018

Craft of the Month - April

Though I got an idea right away for the monthly challenge at (Dutch) FB group Actieve Poppenhuisforum, I almost thought I wouldn't get it done before the deadline. The last couple of weeks were very busy with my (volunteer)work, so this is actually the first thing I've done since I'd showed you the progress on the roombox.

For April's challenge you had to make something with at least 3 of the following materials:
1. clay
2. plastic (e.g. a cap, packing material)
3. rhinestones
4. buttons
5. paper

Two were optional or could be changed in something else. Paint and glue was free to use.

The clay and paper immediately reminded me of the books I'd made with real snake skin. Maybe another magical book would be nice :)

I'd changed my mind about using the clay though, so rhinestones would by the best alternative to use. 
font-size: 13.2px;">To get inspiration I looked for books from the Harry Potter world about gems and magical stones and found these illustrations by Jim Kay!

Well, after seeing those it was easy ;) Though I think the cap should be a bit smaller (and neater ^^), I like this new addition.  color: #222222; font-family: "arial" , "tahoma" , "helvetica" , "freesans" , sans-serif; font-size: 13.2px;">I gave it the title "The Healing Powers of Phoenix Flint by Jim Kay".

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