woensdag 8 maart 2017

Kitchen plans

After making the first two chairs I thought it would be nice to make a cushion in between other crafting, but then I realised I still didn't know what colours the kitchen would get, and worse than that, I was not exactly sure if the table would fit in the kitchen at all :')

The table looked so big I thought I'd better decide what other furniture I want/need in the kitchen, because I didn't have a clue xD

Shell Cottage - Harry Potter

So, the next hours, I did research on (cottage) kitchens and stoves untill my head exploded. I googled Weasley kitchen, Shell cottage kitchen. Julie Warren's kitchens, including the one from her book, looked on my boards on Pinterest ...
And here I thought I'd planned to start with the living room first o.O 
I only wanted to know if the table would fit into the kitchen and I could choose the colour for the chairs :')

In the end at least I had a better idea. I think :')

So of course, I made a new plan drawing, ghe ghe.

Photo from Mockingbirdhillcottage

 I like something like this as a sink unit.

Photo from Poesenpoppenhuis

And I found a Dutch tutorial for an AGA stove. Wouldn't paint it black though.

Then I wondered if witches would have a fridge/freezer in their kitchen? Kim suggested
a fridge concealed behind a wooden door, built in rather than free standing. Something like this vintage fridge from The Vintage Fridge Company.

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