zaterdag 4 maart 2017

A table for the Hogsmeade house kitchen

After all the challenges I faced with the stairs and walls I put them aside. I wanted to make some furniture and decided on the diner table from Julie Warren's book. It will probably end up in the kitchen though xD

Making that table was fun, though the measuring and cutting tends to become to straining if I work longer than ten to fifteen minutes at a time. But I'm not in a hurry :')

I varnished the table top the next morning. I did it only once, with regular indoor and outdoor oak wood-stain, and at first I was not sure if I should add another layer but I decided against it. It's always a possibility for later.
It was the first time I used varnish on Balsa and I loved the structure it gave the table top! The legs and the supporting parts would be painted as soon as I'd choosen the colour :)

That didn't take me very long. Started mixing colours later that day :) I used acrylic white, some blue and sapgreen to get turquoise. And then more white to get a lighter shade. And more white and ... (a)

Still, after two layers, it did look a bit darker and brighter than I intended. So it would need some aging and/or distressing, the part I'm always dreading to do, because it never seem to work for me :')

I've found a dry brush tutorial and tried that. I also did some sanding and used some 'patina' and well, here you go. Not very old looking, but better than before, right? :)

I want all different kinds of chairs with the table, different styles as well as different colours. Very Boho chic. Maybe with pastel colours in the shades I choose for the kitchen. And at least one chair with a woven seat of course!

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