dinsdag 18 december 2018

Crafting together & and other christmassy things

Last week our little crafting club met again. We had decided to make some Christmas miniatures instead of working on our own projects.
I'd thought it would be fun to make a nutcracker together like the one I'd made a week earlier, and the other girls agreed :)
I had made us little kits with the materials needed, but it was still frustrated - but fun - to put all the parts together and paint the nutcrackers ;)
Together we must have made at least ten noses, which went flying the moment we wanted to dab some glue onto them 😂
But in the end we each had a finished nutcracker. Standing beside a Christmas tree ornament you can see how tiny they are. Approx. 2 cm :)

Since I already made a red one, I went for green this time :)
I think it's fair to say we each had problems with painting the faces, they do look a bit creepy, don't they? :')

But fortunately, you won't notice that when the nutcracker is surrounded by other miniatures (a)
I'd started making a Christmas market stall two years ago but hadn't set it up untill now. Though it's not finished yet, I like the display of - mostly - selfmade miniatures.

Hopefully next year I can add some to the surroundings :)

I've also made these centerpieces last week, and some Christmas cookies which I put on the Christmas plate I've bought in England in May :)
A tutorial for the centerpieces and cookies was shown in the latest Dutch dollshouse magazine P&M.

The Nutcracker is one of the most beloved Christmas stories of all time. It has been adapted into a ballet, as well as many television and movie adaptations.
The story is adapted from a story written in 1816 by E. T. A. Hoffmann called The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, which tells the magical tale of a young girl whose Christmas gift, a nutcracker, comes alive.
Hoffmann's story is of a young man, the nephew of an inventor called Herr Drosselmeyer, who fails to complete the task required to marry a princess. As a result, he is cursed by being turned into a nutcracker with a large head, wide grinning mouth, and beard. She rejects him for being ugly and he is banished. Drosselmeyer gives his goddaughter, Marie, a nutcracker for Christmas and tells her the tale. After various "dreams" in which it comes to life and they defeat the evil Mouse King, Marie tells it that she would never reject him as the princess did but would love him no matter how ugly he was. This breaks the spell and Drosselmeyer arrives with his nephew, magically restored to his handsome self. He marries Marie and takes her away to the magical kingdom.
In 1892, Pytor Ilytch Tchaikovsky set a variation of Hoffmann's story by French author Alexandre Dumas to music. Then, together with renowned choreographer Marius Petipa (working with Lev Ivanov) they created the ballet "The Nutcracker". Source

A surprise from abroad

The previous weeks have been a bit chaotic and challenging on many levels 😏
Among other things, my hard disk died and even though I always save everything in a cloud, I haven't been able to recover any data. Well, nothing but the miniature related files and photo's which happen to be in another cloud :') (writing English is hard enough, but writing about computer stuff is even harder ^^)

So, it definately made my day (and week ) when the postman rang (just once :P) and delivered this parcel from my dear friend Kim, from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.

The best things come in small packages!

It's all so gorgeous and incredible tiny! I had
to hold my breath or the quill and ring would
have been lost :')

Together with some other items she included. I'm sure Bianca
of the Hogsmeade cottage will be very pleased with all of these!

maandag 3 december 2018

Inspirating from ánd for 1:12 scale decorating

November has been more about decorating my 1:1 scale living room than about the 1:12 scale cottage :) Though the first inspired me to do miniature versions and the other way around :)

 The living room, which had been done in red (with gold) and white
 (well, after 18 years the walls were more grey-ish ^^), has turned to
 cottage-green with off-white/beige.

I glued some fabric on terracotta flower pots, covered them with
Gesso (primer) ...

... and painted them with the green wall paint. Also covered
a pink flower vase that had been my grandmother's :)

Like the new flower pots with the green of the leaves!

Then I wanted some lace covered flower pots
for the cottage as well :)

Almost looking brocante, I think ;)

Painted more little pots cottage-
green as well as the mantel piece (a)
 I've always wanted to have a little fairy door, so I decided 
to make one ...

... and cover the opening from where the gas heater used to be.
I will decorate it with ivy and flowers some other time :)

Then I pimped a light fixture - I'd gotten to install above the dining/craft table - 
with trims from lace curtains and painted it :)

Wanting to do some miniatures again,
I made this tiny nutcracker.

Though the doors and posts still need to be painted the living room feels so much more cosy and warm. Starting to look forwards to the holidays now :)
Time to start making (more) Christmas miniatures!

dinsdag 30 oktober 2018

A miniature theatre

I'm so excited I can finally show this great new project I got. Yeah, I know, too many projects, so little time (a)
I got this lovely old fashioned theatre as a birthday gift! My friend Wil had seen it in a FB group - where I had admired it - and secretly had contacted the seller.

The theatre previously belonged to Jaschenka (from MythReal) and it had been handmade by her grandfather. She did the decorating and though it wasn't finished completely, and there was a little bit of damage, it still looked amazing :)
It has the same size as the Hogsmeade cottage, approx. 80 cm wide, 42 cm deep and 50 cm high.

I've started with dusting and cleaning everything, including
the drapes/curtains for the side wings and glued the little
angels back on the proscenium arch. I hope I'll get the
(theatre) therminology correct btw). 

I cleaned the red velours front curtains as good as possible,
since the sides are glued to the walls, so I couldn't get them off.
The left wing (bottom), with the curtains
hiding the openings to the stage.

The left wing (top) with another staircase.
The roof is open to get better light for the
photo's. It's nicely decorated and I love the
little ballet shoes hanging from the wall lamp.

That staircase leads to the roof, which makes it
possible to expand the building with dressings
rooms e.g. or maybe a roof top garden? ;)

The right wing goes al the way up to the top,
and has a stage door door, a prompt corner
and two lights.

This view form above in the right wing
shows the pulleys of the flying system. 

There are two drapes (painted canvas), suspended
from battens that are controlled by a fly system. 

One of the drapes.

You can see there's also a trap in the stage floor,
a prompter's box (souffleurshokje) and a cute
balcony for a Romeo and Juliette scene :)

Because of my other two big projects, the Hogsmeade cottage and the Italian project, I'll only plan to get the lights working and maybe make/paint a new drape. Maybe something snowy, so I have a little Christmas scene in the theatre in December :)

But, oh, think of all the possibilities; plays, musicals, fairytales and Disney movies. maybe even A Very Potter Musical can be performed one day ^^

dinsdag 23 oktober 2018

Crafting together & birthday swaps for me :)

Yesterday I met Jolinda, Monique and Wil for the second-last crafting afternoon of this year. It was also the fourth and last time there would be a birthday swap this year, mine actually :)
They really spoiled me with awesome gifts <3 Btw I apologize in advance for the bad photo quality.

Wil made a 1:24 scale double bed for me.
Without any help from a tutorial or
measurement, she had that scale down
to a tee ;)

Jolinda made me - a rather Harry ^^ - a
replica of his wand and the box in which
mr Ollivander had kept it. She did a
really great job, escpecially with the handle.
Looks just like the original wand.

Last but certainly not least; this adorable Dobby
was made by Monique! She also felted a little
teddy bear for me (seen in de first photo), just
like she did for Wil and Jolinda.

After the swaps and the coffee with donuts we got started. Since Monique had bought some kits (Ria Odijk) for making dolls, we had decided to bring out the Fimo and have fun with those.
Monique worked on making a baby doll, Jolinda wanted to try a female doll, and Wil unfortunately had to leave early. I decided on focussing on heads since I was more confident that I could do bodies at home without a mould than heads ^^

The lady on the left was from another mould than the others
as you might've noticed. Her face is less detailed but maybe
that will make her a good choice when I want to make
Bianca, the witch who rents the Hogsmeade cottage :)

After I got home I've worked on the heads a little more. Give
the men eye balls and better necks, glued 'Bianca' together
after her neck broke (a) And made a half face/mask from the
last head, maybe for a paranormal portrait :)

I even gave them ears, though it probably is
better to cover them with hair lol

So, another miniature challenge to add to the list. But first I want to finish the couch, so hopefully I'll have another update soon.

zondag 21 oktober 2018

Bits and bobs, or, what I've been up to in Oktober.

It has been a bit hectic the previous weeks. As well inside as outside of my head :')

I'd started on the first piece of furniture for the living room; the
bookcase from the first book of Julie Warren.
(Though I have my own crafting room with everything I could
need, I do most of my crafting here in the living room ^^)

After I was almost done with the base I needed
to take a break because unfortunately wood-
working is a bit to straining physically atm.

So, mainly, I've been cross stitching and made a couple of new cushions.

I wanted to make a couple of Halloween related cushion for my
Etsy store, but I started a bit too late and only got to finish this
one. Maybe next year I can do more to sell :)

Last year I've made a series of Santa cushions, and this year
I'm working on three snowmen :)

I also finished the three geometrical cushions I've scross
stitched in September. I need to make a few pretty pictures
and then they be listed in Etsy.
But, I didn't have a couch that I could use as a prop for taking those photo's, so needed to remedy that ;)

This tutorial got me started on a simple couch but I didn't like
the straight sides, so I carved and sanded untill the arms had
a rounded shape :)

I covered the back part and the arms (partly) with fiberfill,
and tried to figure out how to go from there.

I used flat head pins and texile glue to attach the fabric. They
easily went through the Balsa wood and I could snipe
them off before covering that part with fabric.

Three extra pins gave my couch the tufted look I wanted.

Hopefully I can finish the couch in the next couple of days, but I had to tidy my diner table this weekend because we had a little party last night. As soon as I'd put the half finished couch away, Harry claimed it to get very comfortable. Before the first guest arrived he had already started on a bottle of elf-made wine!
I guess I can wait another day before I continue with the couch ;)

woensdag 26 september 2018

Craft of the Month - September

After a long summer break there was a new monthly challenge at (Dutch) FB group Actieve Poppenhuisforum. 

For this month's challenge you had to make something with at least 3 of the following materials:
1. paper
2. some waste material (like a cardboard box or packing material)
3. thread
4. metal push pin

One was optional or could be changed in something else. Paint and glue was free to use.

Since there were four instead of five materials, I wanted to challenge myself and use them all, but the pin gave me a really hard time :)
I also wanted to make something for the cottage instead of just making something that would end up in a corner of my cupboard. After a lot of hard thinking I got the idea to make a miniature painting (my first one ^^). 
Paper for the painting itself, a frame from a pizza box, decorated with embroidery thread and I wanted to cut and bent the top of the pins so they could cover the four corners, but in the end that didn't work as I couldn't cut them :') But first the painting!

I decided on a painting of Hogsmeade
for my Hogsmeade cottage :)

First step

I was a bit unsure about the bright yellow.

After adding the finishing touches.

The frame was made from a pizza box ^^ First layer was a brown oil paint, then after sanding a blue with black watered down acrylic and then I drybrushed with the creme chalk paint I've used for the fire place previously (need to buy more of that!). Because cutting the pins didn't work, I thought I could decorate the frame with it, but it didn't feel right.

I ended up using them on the back to attach a thread (a)

Not sure where the painting will be installed by Bianca and Penny but I'm sure it will look nice in whatever room they choose.