dinsdag 20 maart 2018

Crafting together - March

Last week we had our monthly miniature club again. I thought I should call it a (little) club from now on, because we welcomed a new and enthusiastic participant, Monique ;)
Because she has small children, we'd moved the meeting to her place, so there was a lot of talking, getting to know each other and looking at her miniatures and dolls house beside crafting of course.
After working with Fimo for the last few times, we'd decided to continue with our roombox/garden project and to work on a climbing plant, so Monique could join in.
Jolinda and Monique choose to make an ivy, while Wil and I wanted to do a clematis.
We all started by painting thin shoebox paper and once both sides were done and dry, we each choose a paper punch to work with. In between Jolinda and Monique started with covering wire with paper for the branches, while Wil and I wanted to use the dried strawberry roots I still had.
It was a very enjoyable afternoon and before we left we already picked a new date for April!

I figured I'd need so much more though, so I painted more paper the next day.

So then I spent hours paper punching leaves and flowers :') 

Before I could start with the branches and twigs I made a trellis from Balsa wood. Just a simple design I remembered from my parental house, because that seem to fit in this small box.

I painted a planter made from bamboo lilac to match the colour of the clematis, and then started with the flagstones. I've wanted to try making these for some time, and this seemed like the right scene to have some :) I used a tutorial from Once Upon a Doll Collection as a guidance to start.

Tearing cardboard egg cartons in different colours of gray and brown into random stone shaped pieces, getting the shapes to fit together took more time than I anticipated :)

Then I dry brushed the stones with different colors of white, brown, gray and black. Not a technique I'm very comfortable with so far, but I really like how I managed here ^^ Especially after I added some green with yellow flock between some stones.

After taking this last photo I've also added some matt varnish (very carefully because of the flock).
So now I've no more excuses left to not start shaping the clematis leaves and flowers :)

maandag 19 maart 2018

Fair in Spijkenisse

Yesterday I went to a dolls house and miniature fair in Spijkenisse with Jolinda, her sister Irna, and Monique, the newest member of our montly miniature club.
I've only been to the fair in Rijswijk so far, so I was looking forwards to meeting some new exhibitors as well as seeing some familiair ones. Although there were a lot less exhibitors (33 to the approx. 60 in Rijswijk), we spend as much time here, and I was just as exhausted afterwards ;)
I had a wonderful day, saw lots of beautiful miniatures, and wish I'd known then that I would be selling four planthangers this morning. But .... maybe it's better I didn't ;)

I've randomly taken some photo's of things I liked or overview pictures to show you how it looked. I hope you like them. If possible I added a link to the (web)shop or shopowner.


I think here I might find a radio for the Hogsmeade cottage so
Bianca and Penny can listen to the Wizarding Wireless Network.

Other exhibitors who were in Spijkenisse: Afelien, Anja’s Handwerkatelier, Caatjes Poppenhuis Miniaturen, CreaParadijs, Creatief in Mini’s, DEJOJO, Fennicole Miniaturen, Van Hameren, De Hobbyshop, Kuijs, Maison Edith, Matozi Art (Jacomini’s), Meubels in Miniatuur, The Mini Factory, Miniwaar, Mini Wonders, MKO Miniaturen, Van Soest, Stellaquepassa, Vlinder Koudporselein, Van der Waal, De Zilveren Engel en Zus en Zo Miniaturen.

Jolanda’s Miniaturen:

Explaing how to use the chalk paint.

Jolinda and Inra were interested in wood and veneer at Bibian's.

And, yay, the pretties I bought :)

A mould for a loaf of bread @ Stella Que Passa and chalk paint
@ Jolanda's Miniaturen, beside the things I show separately.

So pretty! <3 From Fennicole Miniaturen

For making vegetable soup in the cottage? :)
From De Kleine Pimpelmees

Fabrics from The Mini Factory

maandag 12 maart 2018

The Hogsmeade house is halfway there

Last week I've told you that I was going to put the walls and floors together with the help from my dad.
I should have know we wouldn't be able to finish it in one afternoon though, since half way through we had to stop untill the glue was fully dried. And that would take some days.
We worked for two hours because my dad is even more of a perfectionist, so each wall and each floor was checked with a spirit level, and checked and checked .... :)

So, this is what my dinertable looked like for three days;

After I removed the tape wednesday evening, I noticed the first floor had shifted before the glue had dried. Probably because the wood was a bit warped to begin with (a)  In the middle the level was right, but on both sides the floor was glued to the walls 1 cm too high.

The top and back panels are not glued yet.

I had to remove the glue with a knife and then start over (a)
Also, a window got loose so that's a bit too chilly for Bianca and Penny :)

After I did it over again, I've glued the roof in place.

Tomorrow my dad will come and help me again with rasping and sanding all the rough edges before we can hopefully attach the back wall ;)

maandag 5 maart 2018

Exciting day ahead

A little more than a year ago I decided on a new project. Something bigger than a roombox, but not as big as a large house with multiple levels ;) And of course I wanted to do as much as I could by myself (a)
It's been a year with a lot of frustrating moments when things didn't work out how I wanted them, but the satisfaction each time I finally managed, kept me going.
And today, with the help from my dad, the walls and floors are finally put together (with something more lasting than tape ^^).
I've been checking and doublechecking everything for the last couple of days, and made some last minute adjustments, but I'm ready for it :)

I also used my 'Dremel' quite a bit the previous days after I figured out where I want the wiring to come. Sun from Nalladris, where I bought the lighting and electrical supplies, helped me out as well.

I made the back wall, drew the lines for the inner walls and other markings, drilled some extra holes - one for a cupboard light - and did some trimming on walls where needed.

In between I've reread chapters from the Harry Potter books about the Burrow to find common household items and cleaning products. Because I have a cupboard to fill, right? ;)
I found already more than I thought I would.



donderdag 1 maart 2018

A cupboard under the (new) stairs

A little more than a year ago I started making a straight run staircase for the cottage  (Building stairs). After a month I discovered some problems so I changed the staircase to one with a 90 degree turn both on the top and on the bottom (Struggling with stairs ...)
I knew I still had some work to do, especially since I didn't know at the time how to do the handrail and balustrade.
After I put the cottage together again last week, I spend some time researching that. There was the fact that the stairs consisted of different parts of previous made stairs and definately looked that way. Also I figured that the staircase didn't need a turn on the bottom any more ;)

I decided to make a new staircase (a) You already figured that out, didn't you? ^^
While I was at it, I thought about the space under the staircase. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, it wasn't hard to come up with an idea. A nice cupboard under the stairs with storage space for Bianca, as a wink to the Boy Who Lived ;)

Set photo by www.catterflyworx.com

So, after taking some measurements and checking and double checking I started all over.
I've used plywood for the side where the door will be. It's the same 4 mm plywood that I've used for all the cottage walls. The other side, which will be glued to the wall between the entrance hall and the kitchen, is 3 mm Balsa.

Just checking if the opening is still wide enough for the new stairs :)

The treads and risers are 2,5 mm Balsa. Most of the risers are already glued in place. The turn at the top was the hardest. And I needed to figure out where the bannister on the bottom of the staircase should be.

I'd brought some spindle, bannisters, handrail etc at WAM miniaturen, which arrived soon.

Now I have a better understanding of how to do the handrail and the ballustrade, though I've decides not to make it before I'll have checked if the staircase fit 100% next week :) That's when the walls will be glued together. Yay ;)

But I could already finish the door. This time with hinges, but not the hard (and realistic) way; I just put them on the outside. And even that was hard enough  ^^ Glued them with superglue and them I snapped the ends of the nails and glued the head on the hinges for decorative purpose only.

Next I experimented with colours and structures for that wall. Top is a mix of grey structure with plain white paint, middle the same with a bit of bird sand for more structure, and the bottom one has a bit bit of azure blue paint added.
Eventhough I liked the bottom one very much, it might be a bit too much structure for the small wall and door, so I've chosen the one at the top.
But I'll keep the other in mind, maybe for an outside wall?

I finished it off with some Balsa slats (1,5 mm), oak stained, and a door knob.

Maybe I'll decide later to do some aging on the wall, but for now I'm very happy with the result. Let's keep my fingers crossed that the staircase will fit perfectly between the other walls.
Monday my dad will come help me so the walls can finally be fixed in place. Very exciting and also a bit worrying (a)