dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Doors for the Hogsmeade Cottage, part 3

It has been a while since I worked on building the Hogsmeade cottage. I've done lots of other things, and also spend time with making miniatures for my Etsy show. And of course then it was time to start crafting Christmas miniature :)
I'd promised myself during that time that January would be the month to continue building my cottage. So, with all Christmas decorations, big and small, put away again, and all the wooden walls and parts of the cottage waiting for me on my large dining table, it was time ^^

The hardest part now, was to figure out where to start :')  I knew I was struggling with the doors but I was not sure if I'd found a solution already. It'd been four months and I'd changed the plans so many times already. And on top of that, I have a terrible memory (a)

I decided to reread the previous blogs about the cottage to jog my memory.
For those who are interested, here you'll find the first blog and the background story for the cottage: A new project!

Before continuing with the door and those evil hinges I made the other door frames/jambs. I glued them in the openings, sanded them and stained them.
(you can find a link to the original tutorial for jambs here)

I showed you in August about the small slat of Balsa I'd use to fit the door. I still rather use that method instead of carving the openings for the hinges in the door, and probably ruin it :')

After checking it multiple times (a) I glued that slat to the door and sanded it.

Now I'm going to stain the door and then glue the hinges and nails to the door. Keeping my fingers crossed in the mean time ;)

This door is the one for the first floor, between the (attic) landing and the bathroom btw. The door will open into the bathroom.
The doors for the entrance hall will have little windows.

zondag 17 december 2017

Aprons, lanterns and candles :)

After taking photo's yesterday of everything that was send to me by Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, I also took some time to take some of the new Christmas miniatures I've made :)

With all those mugs of chocolate and the candy I'd decided I needed an apron :) First I'd made the one with the white ruffles, then I'd made two more masculine aprons, for Harry and Draco ^^

I'd made a wreath with one of the gingerman and some peppermints. And since I'd made so many peppermints and candy canes, I decided to decorate a christmas tree with them.
Doesn't Harry look handsome? He has just baked an apple pie ;) 

Next I wanted to make some lanterns for the Christmas market stall I've made last year.
The inspiration came from this blog called Pequenece.

I've made them from cardboard and some ornament, painted everything black with acrylic paint, and then added some brushes of azure blue acrylic. For a finishing touch I brushed a little bit of goldenbrown eyeshadow on the corners.

For the candles I used translucent white Fimo, blended with a (very) tiny bit of caramel Fimo.

I mixed some Christmasred Fimo with some of the translucent white/caramel mixture to make some more candles :)

The candles with the three candleswicks didn't turn out as well as I hoped, and I think the bigger red candles need a red wick instead of a white, but overall I like them.

zaterdag 16 december 2017

Christmas has come early!

This blog isn't about any miniatures I made, but about a parcel I got yesterday.
I'd expected it for a while and was looking forwards to finally see all the wonderful handmade miniatures I'd find inside :)

Everything inside was made by my dear friend and very talented miniaturist Kim from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was, when I got to open each little item ;)
Photo's don't do them justice but I want to show you anyway ^^

First of all, those gorgeous Kneazles. I can't even begin to express how much I adore them. So cute, I would cuddle them all day if I wasn't afraid I'd loose them somewhere :') For those of you who don't know what a Kneazle is, it's a cat-like magical animal from the Harry Potter universe.
I think Bianca and Penny will have to make a trip to the Magical Petshop because these cuties will definately be living in the Hogsmeade cottage, whenever that will be finished (a)

The bookstand is made for little Penny. She'll love it!! It's even more wonderful than I expected, so glad I can finally see that amazing 'tree-work' for real 🙂
Some little twig branches are sticking out of the side of the bookstand, they are handy to hang a little potion bottle or some herbs.

For now let's pretend this is the front door of the cottage. Parcels delivered by owls, the Kneazles waiting for Bianca and Penny to return :)

The blackbird is so very tiny and yet realistic, I can't believe it. I needed to put on my magnifying glasses to even see it.

That cheeky Mandrake made me smile, so happy with that.

And then, last but not least, the apple baking board. I've loved it from the moment I saw it in the Etsy shop shop and it will look great in the cottage kitchen.

I am as happy as a clam at high water:)
As soon as the holiday season is over, I want to start working on the cottage for real. I feel very inspired ^^

So, I hope you've enjoyed looking at these photo's. If you want to see more of Kim's miniatures, you should definitely visit her Etsy shop.

dinsdag 28 november 2017

Hot chocolate and whiped cream :)

I've filled the mugs with hot chocolate (a mixture of Fimo Liquid and soft pastels), whiped cream (which turned out better than expected eventhough I didn't have the right tools for it) and marshmallows (which turned out not as good as I'd hoped xD).
I also handmade an mini minature version of the gingerbread man, but he's still a bit too large for the mug :')

And now I'm just a bit in love with those cute little mugs :) I can't believe I managed that, so I'm especially grateful for all those miniaturist who take time to make and post tutorials <3

Tutorials I (partly) used:

maandag 27 november 2017

Making mugs and Christmas candy

After I made a new batch of gingerbread men, this time making them a bit more sturdy and lighter brown, I also tried candy canes again and even peppermints.
And with all that candy, next thing I needed to have were drinks, right? :)
I tried this one from red Fimo first out of a solid cone, which I hollow out with a drill bit (yeah, really :P). 

Based on a mix of different tutorials (I'll give the links at the end of this blog), I tried other mugs as well. I made a longer Fimo cane, that fitted into a mug I once bought and baked it before cutting it in pieces. Wrapped in aluminum foil and then Fimo, I baked them again, after which I cut the end that wasn't the neatest looking, and removed the Fimo cane/mould and the foil. The hardest part was adding the handles, and making them look as much the same as I could.

I draw the snowman and the words first with pencil, painted the snowman with acryl paint using an embossing tool. The words were too challenging for me, so in the end I just used a black fineliner (a)

Before I varnished them with Fimo gloss, I tried it first with a little cup and saucer I made as well, to see if the fineliner would not blend together.

I love them already but of course now they needs hot chocolate and whiped cream and marshmallows, but that's for the next blog: Hot chocolate and whiped cream ;)

Tutorials I (partly) used:

maandag 13 november 2017

A bunch of things

Life has been so chaotic this last month that I've spend nearly as much time in the mini world as I would have liked.
But still, I've managed to work on some crafts, so I thought I just squeezed it all in one blog (a) Maybe that way I can finally get back to the cottage ghe ghe

After I'd made the Hogwarts trunk I had some fun with these marbles from De Knikkerprins (word play on the frog prince) and made some fisherman floats.

Then I started making cushions, which turned out to be a new addiction ^^
First I made some Halloween themed cushions for my Etsy store. To my surprise they were sold within 48 hours o.O

I started making a dress for Sophie from the Quill shop ...

... but got distracted by the mold I'd bought at Georgia Marfels' at the fair in Rijswijk. So I had an enjoyable afternoon making Gingerbread Man Cookies ;)

Being in the Christmas mood by then I made some cute Santa cushions, on even finer embroidery mesh, which are in my Etsy store since yesterday.

Switching back to Halloween, I've made  a smoked filled globe with spider. Total length 8 cm.
It's based on this 1:1 tutorial.

And last but not least; we've had two afternoons with our crafts group. We started a macrame cushion the first time, and worked on walls and window last wednesday. I finished the walls the next days on my own. The next time we will work on something new for this roombox together.