zondag 10 juni 2018

A plate rack for an English tea set

Since I'll be meeting the mini craft club tomorrow, I'm busy preparing for the next project. I'll tell you all about it after tomorrow :)
Due to that project though, and my visit to England, I haven't done much work on the Hogsmeade cottage. Working on the walls, ceiling and floor of the living room isn't something I can do in just a few hours or even days, but I still wanted to feel like I did something for the cottage.

I decided to make a (plate) rack for the tea set I bought at Studley Grange, the craft village in Swindon. Having googled for images I started without a tutorial - oh boy - and only a vague idea ^^

It seemed to be going well ...

... but the plate would keep falling unfortunately :')

So I adapted the part I've done and created another design :)

So, not the nodel I was going for at the start but at least it's
a one of a kind, I guess?

And I accidentally made it just wide
enough (a)

I've used a walnut stain for this rack ...

... because I want a bit of a mismatch
regarding the (wood colours of the) furniture.

Not sure if it'll end up in the kitchen or
in the living room. We'll see ;)

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