maandag 19 maart 2018

Fair in Spijkenisse

Yesterday I went to a dolls house and miniature fair in Spijkenisse with Jolinda, her sister Irna, and Monique, the newest member of our montly miniature club.
I've only been to the fair in Rijswijk so far, so I was looking forwards to meeting some new exhibitors as well as seeing some familiair ones. Although there were a lot less exhibitors (33 to the approx. 60 in Rijswijk), we spend as much time here, and I was just as exhausted afterwards ;)
I had a wonderful day, saw lots of beautiful miniatures, and wish I'd known then that I would be selling four planthangers this morning. But .... maybe it's better I didn't ;)

I've randomly taken some photo's of things I liked or overview pictures to show you how it looked. I hope you like them. If possible I added a link to the (web)shop or shopowner.


I think here I might find a radio for the Hogsmeade cottage so
Bianca and Penny can listen to the Wizarding Wireless Network.

Other exhibitors who were in Spijkenisse: Afelien, Anja’s Handwerkatelier, Caatjes Poppenhuis Miniaturen, CreaParadijs, Creatief in Mini’s, DEJOJO, Fennicole Miniaturen, Van Hameren, De Hobbyshop, Kuijs, Maison Edith, Matozi Art (Jacomini’s), Meubels in Miniatuur, The Mini Factory, Miniwaar, Mini Wonders, MKO Miniaturen, Van Soest, Stellaquepassa, Vlinder Koudporselein, Van der Waal, De Zilveren Engel en Zus en Zo Miniaturen.

Jolanda’s Miniaturen:

Explaing how to use the chalk paint.

Jolinda and Inra were interested in wood and veneer at Bibian's.

And, yay, the pretties I bought :)

A mould for a loaf of bread @ Stella Que Passa and chalk paint
@ Jolanda's Miniaturen, beside the things I show separately.

So pretty! <3 From Fennicole Miniaturen

For making vegetable soup in the cottage? :)
From De Kleine Pimpelmees

Fabrics from The Mini Factory

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