dinsdag 13 februari 2018

Crafting together - February

Yesterday was our monthly craft afternoon. And again we wanted to play with Fimo :)
We'd decided to make plates using the Youtube tutorial I'd found after our previous meeting.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon, and even a productive one. Well, at least compared with the last time ;) We started with the plates and then had fun experimenting a bit.

Different sizes, different stamps, but all very nice with the white Fimo.

Jolinda tried different kind of plates and deep plates, Wil made a coffee pot, milk jug and a tray and I mixed some Fimo to made lilac platters for an etagère and used the leftover to make a mould.


We'd do the polishing and varnishing at home, and I did that later that evening. This morning I made the etagère, cutting one of the platters because I wasn't happy with the edge :')

I'm very happy how these plates turned out. And at least Little Penny and her mother will be able to have a decent meal now ;)

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