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How to make a Hogwarts steamer trunk

To avoid those pesky cottage doors, I continued making items for Draco's bedroom (a)
So I started with a replica of the steam trunks you can see in the Harry Potter movies. No tutorial or starter point other than the movie pictures.

And because I hadn't been able to find a tutorial anywhere, I figured I should make some extra photos while working and take more meassurements than usual, in case someone wants to make a trunk as well :)
Since it's a work in progress, I hope things will work out right the first time.

For the base I used 3 mm Balsa:
  • 2 x (7,7 cm x 4,6 cm) for top and bottom
  • 2 x (5,2 cm x 1,8 cm) for both under side panel
  • 2 x (5,2 cm x 1 cm) for both top side panels
  • 2 x (7,7 cm x 1,8 cm) for both under panels front and back
  • 2 x (7,7 cm x 1 cm) for both top panels front and back

Glue the parts together like this.
The longer panels fit between the smaller ones.

Sand the edges and corners untill
they look all rounded like this.

I also sanded the two parts together so they'd fit better.

I cut two strips from 1,5 mm Balsa,
approx. 0,4 cm x 5 cm and cut two corners.

I sanded the edge a bit rounded and then
glued it to the top of the trunk, like this.

Be sure you can still close the trunk :)

Next, I drew two pencil lines all around
the trunk so you'll get three equal parts.

I took approx. 80 cm fabric cord, and because
it was a bit too white, I made a mixture
from oil paint and rubbed it onto the cord.

After I'd stained the trunk (walnut), I used that
same greenish oil paint, mixed it with same white
Gesso (I know, weird xD) and lightly dabbed some
on the corners and other spots on the trunk.

And this is the result so far.

I love the aged and worn look!

Tomorrow I'll continue with all the bits and pieces.

I hope you liked it. Please, contact me if you have questions!

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