zaterdag 2 september 2017

Het hemelbed / The fourposter bed - part 3

Remember the fourposter bed I made last year from some picture frames? I used it a few times to show a bedcover or my house elf, Juvie, but otherwise it was only collecting dustbunnies while I was crafting all kind of other items ;)

And then I saw Julie Warren's tutorial on bedding and I just wanted to do that. But not for the cottage beds since I'll obviously change my mind about colours and fabrics at least a dozen times before the bedroom will be even finished ;)
And then the fourposter bed crossed my mind. I had already bought some nice fabrics.

So pretty <3 Let's hope Draco loves it too ;)

I already had the white and beige fabric.
The beautiful damask looking fabric for the sheet
and bedcover are from Jan van den Doel and
the other fabrics are from Minidoor.

 The bed runner has two different sides.

Originally, I planned drapes around the bed ...

.. but I might just decide against them :)

edit: And just for the fun of it, a photo with my favourite couple (a)

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