zaterdag 10 juni 2017

Plants, pots and hangers, oh my ;)

I've made two new macramé plant hangers the previous days, and I decided to make matching flower pots ánd fill those with plants.
Making plants or flowers isn't something I've done a lot. To be honest, it's something I like to do once in a while, but not more then one at a time. So, there probably won't ever be a flower shop in my future ;)

Anyway, let me show you the new plant hangers first. I just choose some nice colour from my box with embroidery threads first and made something up as I went ;)

I'd bought some flower pots at 't Tafereeltje, back in April, so I painted two of them with acrylic paint. Since I didn't take a separate photo from the flower pots, you can already see the leaves I made next :)

First I made an Aloe Vera (a succulent). It's based on this tutorial, but I used green Fimo.

I painted them after baking (left) and them I made them a bit darker with distress ink (left).

I chose the turquoise pot and hanger for the Aloe Vera and like how that combination looks. My Fimo plant making skills could use some improvement though (a)

For the other plant I'd found free printable leaves on line, from Nalladris. I used two for each leave, glueing them together with 2 cm of very thin wire between the paper. 
To shape them I used the same double-ended ball styluses you use for polymer clay. And I finished with a coat of clear nail polish :)

So, the result is two new listings for my Etsy shop, and two plants in pots for the cottage (or props in future photo's ^^).

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