dinsdag 6 juni 2017

Mannequin challenge

Because I wanted to show off the new shawls, and I still haven't a fully/nice clothed doll, I decided to make a mannequin.
A Youtube tutorial from AkameruKawaii helped me getting started.

Instead of using fabric I covered it with bits and pieces of the Daily Prophet ;)

I looked in my boxes with wooded pieces and put some together for the stand.

After the glue had dried, I stained it, using the walnut wood dye I got from Jolinda for the first time. I loved the result! There will certainly be some walnut stained furniture in the cottage, I think! :)

And here it is!
To make some nice photo's I put together all kind of things in an empty roombox. Even the cottage wall with the almost finished door (a)

Of course I needed to take some with the shawls as well ;)

And because I had so much fun playing, I took some more photo's of other items, like some cushions and planthangers.

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