vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Samen knutselen / Crafting together - Mei

Two days ago Jolinda and Wil came over for our montly crafting afternoon, or in this case morning.
We'd start with the door and see how far we'd come that morning.
I started with the door itself, and Wil - having the same roombox, followed my lead ;) Jolinda, who has a larger roombox, and a different idea for the door in mind, started with the frame.
Since I'd recently made the four windows for the cottage and already had started with a door, I found it relatively easy to build the door without a tutorial.
After three hours the door was almost done. I only need to make the two small panels, and after that start with the frame.

The door will be put in  the corner instead of flat against the wall, which will safe space, and also give the opportunity to put a little crochet curtain for the window ;)

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  1. Ziet er al leuk uit, volgende keer weer es een foto maken van alle drie de werkjes?