maandag 13 februari 2017

The Hogmeade house - an update

Two weeks ago I shared my plans for a new project with you. Well, I made the stairs and  enthusiastically started making some things to decorate the living room with, and then some :')
And all that time the wood panels were lying there, waiting for me to get over my fear of the jigsaw :')

The two large panels had already been sawed the right size in the store.

The other two panels, on top, still had to be sawed according to the red lines.

Last week my sister offered to take a look at that terrifying device together :') I silenced my pride and accepted the offer. Turned out to be rather 'easy' in the end, of course, but that's almost always the case with fears like that, right? ;)
After she left, I practiced by sawing 1 cm strips of leftover wood :)

And it wasn't long before I went ahead and continued with the panels. I managed but wasn't very happy with how it turned out; not exactly straight and the edges were slightly splintered. Somehow I forgot to take photo's of it :')
However, I decided not to worry to much because the wood would be entirely covered anyway ^^
After a few days I worked on it some more and managed to improve the edges.

I drew where the fire places are supposed to be and had fun with taking some photo's. This isn't the furniture for the house though, just some props for the photo xD

The left side will become the front of the house. The room at the wall will be the living room and the room upstairs (at the wall) will be the bedroom xD

 The stairs won't stay there, I was just checking the height:)

Since I had to change some of the measurements due to the bad sawing job (a) I need to make new drawing plans as well. But I like doing that :)
Next step will be sawing door frames and window frames and the stairwell opening. Oh boy, oh boy.

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