woensdag 15 februari 2017

Decisions to make

I probably spent two days researching what kind of windows and doors I want, and especially about the sizes. And I'm trying to get an idea about the furniture for the living room, so I can do some of those in between ;)

Making the house one step at the time isn't the hardest part imo. It's having to make so many choices, again and again. The windows for instance; how large, how far from the floor, what kind of window, open or closed, self made or bought, real glass or plexi, etc etc. And when I've finally decided I have to make all those decicions again about the doors (a)
But for now I just needed to know measurements so I can saw or cut the openings in the walls and start putting the walls together.

I finally found this really great window tutorial, so I'm thinking about doing it this way.

 Photo's form Jenn's Mini Worlds. Left: inside frame. Right: outside frame

I don't think I'll be making double-hung windows for the cottage, but I think this simple window will match the style of the Scottish cottages. These are the photo's I'm using as a reference;

Since I'm a total failure at painting and aging, I might just stick with staining :')
Also, I think a dark(er) look/wood will probably give a more cosy/witchy/Weasley-ish look. I'm afraid otherwise it'll end up looking too neat and less old.
But those are decisions for another time, first I have to make the openings for the windows. Oh boy ;)

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