woensdag 8 februari 2017

1:12 Macramé cushion DIY

Last friday I promised to show you how I made the miniature macramé cushion I posted. I'd started another one right after that brown one, so I took a few photo's (a)
This time I choose bright colours that will fit nicely into the Hogsmeade cottage. Instead of embroidery threads I used some yarn I had in exactly the right colours. Though the (yarn) cushion feels quite cosy, I'll stick with the embroidery threads in the future because it looks a bit less coarse.

I won't bother you with showing the macramé techniques because there are lots and lots of sites and tutorials that explain every knot and step way better than I could ;)
This is one that uses the same pattern I did. It's only Square Knots and Alternating Square Knots.

Well I'll just show some photo's of my work in progress.

With the first (brown) cushion, I started a little more simple, but for the second one I'd figured out how to work more precisely. I used a square cork coaster I found in my dresser and taped it on a small cutting mat/board. You can also use a paper pricking mat instead of a cork coaster, I discovered later. And the cutting mat can be something different too, as long as it's firm enough.
I taped it together with masking tape and added a piece of squared paper to make it easier to keep a straight line ;)

For the cushions I took 16 cords (8 turquoise, 4 dark blue and 4 yellow), folded them in half and tied them to a thread of the yellow yarn. A thinner thread would be even better though.

I pinned it to my corkboard and used some more pins to be sure I started with a straight line :)

I followed the pattern from the video, but made sure my knots were tied very thightly together.

With this yarn and 32 worksthreads (2 x 16 cords) it became 3,5 cm width. I made it approx. 6 cm long, and then cut most of the remaining yarn. Those leftover pieces I used for making the frings and the padding.

I folded the remaining yarn and used masking tape to keep it there while I applied a bit of Tacky glue.

When the Tacky glue was totally dry, I carefully removed the masking tape, and got everything together to finish to cushion.

First I started by using the remaining yellow threads which I had used to tie the cords to. You can see why a thinner thread (with a more neutral colour) would be better.

So, I hide the yellow yarn between the folds and stitched the ends together with a thinner, blue thread.

Using a crochet needle I first made fringes to one side.

I filled the cushion with some of the remaining yarn I couldn't use anymore untill it was more than full. I imagine I could made schoulder bags this way too ^^ Instead I finished the cushion by adding fringes to the other side as well.

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