vrijdag 28 april 2017

More waffles :)

I've just learned to crochet the waffle stitch. It's fun to do and much easier than it looks :) I already showed you the first things I made but they were not done.
Since then I sewed a faux sheet to the bedcover and finished the cushions.

I really should finish the matrasses for the beds (a)

One of the lovely fabrics I bought at the fair in Rijswijk last week. This one is from Jan van den Doel. Bianca now has two cushions for the price of one ;)

Yesterday I tried to make another very tiny cushion with the last of this brown embroidery thread I've been given, but it just wasn't enough. And so I came up with the idea to make a cosy candle holder instead :D

This may be a good way to use every last bit of thread I have. So ... ;)

Update on Hogsmeade house

It's long overdue, but I finally have figured out how to solve the different problems that kept popping up :) Or that's what I hope.
I figured that I could better change plans now, before the walls would be glued together. In the end it will be just a little bump along the road, right?
First there was the problem with the stairs.


Having solved that, I discovered that the doors on the attic landing would be very small and a bit too low, though that could probably work since it's a cottage, right? ;)
Also I thought it might be very hard to fit two beds in the room, with that roof above.

 It's exciting to see it in 3D once in a while 
(after 2 days the masking tape will come loose).

Due to all the problems that roof was bringing, I'd got the idea to make the lower part of the attic walls straight for about 10 cm, so there wwould be more room. For the beds, the doors and any other similar problems the bathroom would have. Kind of like the picture below. The floor between the two levels would be the yellow or red line.
I'd had to buy new wood, saw/cut new walls, and of course, made new plan drawings (a)

When I finally found the time and courage to work out this new idea, I came across a next challenge. One a more expierenced builder could have easily managed, but seemed too big for me :')
I'd forgotten the fact that a dolls' house is supposed to get open once in a while, and while I'd figured out how to do that in the first plan, I got stuck everytime I tried to figure it out with this latest idea :(

So, two days ago, I spend hours on the internet searching for other solutions. Got a new idea (a), made new plan drawings, and brainstormed with my friend Kim about it. She is my go to girl for all cottage related issues after all ^^
The idea is something like the picture below though my house will be twice as deep as this one.

The gable end (side) of the house would be;

Blue lines instead of red

So having finally figured out what to do, I woke up yesterday at 4 am, too exited to start to stay in bed :) I drew and measured, cut and glued, and when it was noon I was ready to get the masking tape (again ^^) and put it all together.

The bedroom will still be small for two single beds but after all the cottage is supposed to represent the one I describe in my story; a tiny house in Hogsmeade they rent just for the summer holidays untill Penny will go to Hogwarts on September 1st, and maybe mother Bianca, as the new professor, as well. So, they'll just have to make do ;)
I'm thinking of keeping the beds on either side of the fireplace though. That way I can put the door in the middle of the wall, right across the fire place and have place on both sides of the wall for cupboards or cabinets. Maybe even trunks by the end of the beds ^^

The stairs are now placed on the other side, and against the back wall. Being able to see the stairs is a plus, but it also gives more room on both levels.

So the next thing will be to check every wall, floor and roof panel for (measuring or cutting) 
errors and mark out where exactly the opening for the doors and windows will come before 
I'll remove the tape :)

zondag 23 april 2017

The fair in Rijswijk - part 2

Part 1

When I headed towards Marike (at the fair), I had to make a stop at Stella Que Passa first because I saw those Fimo canes I was curious of. I bought one cane to make slices of lemon, and three for making flowers (I hope ^^). Can't wait to try!
I also found the wood dye I was looking for. Jolinda has the walnut version, so we'd decided that I would buy a lighter dye and we would swap a part so we'll both have two kinds of dye :)

At Marike's I watched her stand for a little while so she could take a break and get some food. She also took the opportunity to visit Georgia and offers her a little break ;) Meanwhile I could sit next to a fabulous house of Poppen(T)huis she had and rest my feet; a win win situation (a)
When Marike came back, I headed towards the entrance hall because it was nearly half past twelve and I would meet Wendy and her mother Ada (from Magical Minds, FB group). It's nice to be able to come across people you only know from the internet, and it was really great to spend some time with them. Wendy and I showed each other lot's of photo's of previously made crafts and I enjoyed the company very much!

The rest of the afternoon I wondered around lots and lots of great stands with beautiful doll's houses and miniatures. I took a some photo's of of the stands but that was obviously only the tip of the iceberg. I met Louise again from Gweaneth's Dream, we talked for awhile and I admired her gorgeous crocheted bedcovers.

The Dolls House Builder

The Dolls House Builder


Will Werson Miniaturen

Elinekes Design 
(everything was soo much more gorgeous than the photo shows!)

I've forgotten where I saw this. Anyone who knows?

The same goes here, and I want to know 
because I'd love one or two of 
those turquiose pots/vases some day <3

My last money I spent on these lovely fabrics from Jan van den Doel. I saw them early on and had to restrain myself quite a bit (a)

One of the fun parts is coming home after a two hour train journey, relax on the sofa and getting all these bags and packages, and re-discover the things you already had forgotten you'd bought :)

All my pretties!! :D

 Of course it would be impossible to mention all the things I saw - and there's also a lot I didn't this time - but I hope I gave you all an impression of the awesome day I had.
Gave me lots of inspiration, and motivation, and I'm sure I'll be just as excited when October arrives and the next fair in Rijswijk is getting closer. 

zaterdag 22 april 2017

The fair in Rijswijk - part 1

Today I went the the fair in Rijswijk again. Third time in a row, and I'm still enjoying it immensely.
I could get a ride with Jolinda, so time went by very fast while we chatted about ... well, miniature things of course :)
We arrived at half past nine and while Jolinda went through the back entrance to join the Minidoor team, I got in through the front of course and had to wait till the fair opened at ten o'clock.

First stand I visited was the one of Georgia Marfels, who makes the most wonderful, magical miniatures. I especially love her Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters and the Mandrakes.

It was lovely meeting Georgia in person!


I promised my friend Kim to look for some moulds of lizards, frogs and bats :)

Next I went to Marike's Magical Miniatures. It's alway wonderful to see all the magical displays and catch up with Marike xD

 I also bought Kim some dripping candles she'd asked for.

Next on my list; Nalladris. Because I wanted to buy a Nal-LED system for the Hogsmead cottage. Got a spring loaded terminal block, a power block, hearth blocks for the fire places and Nal-LED flames for every room. This will motivate me to get back to building for sure :D

I was surprised by the very tiny, lovely purple toad stoods they gave me "because you love Harry Potter" ;)

After I purchased the things on top of my list, I started wandering through the aisles, and as always saw many lovely things.
At MyThai Miniaturen I found these turquiose jug and cups for the cottage kitchen, and a very small paint brush.

And a few stands later at Tumdee Miniatures I found gorgeous vases and a fruit bowl in that same turquoise colour. Also bought a brown vase and some fruit (a)

Of course I visited Minidoor. Talked some, showed Thea my quilt and bought more fruit, a crochet needle and some very pretty fabric <3

By then I was getting a bit overwhelmed, so I decided to take a break at Marike's. 

And a break is exactly what I need right know, and get some sleep, so more photo's tomorrow :)