zaterdag 22 april 2017

The fair in Rijswijk - part 1

Today I went the the fair in Rijswijk again. Third time in a row, and I'm still enjoying it immensely.
I could get a ride with Jolinda, so time went by very fast while we chatted about ... well, miniature things of course :)
We arrived at half past nine and while Jolinda went through the back entrance to join the Minidoor team, I got in through the front of course and had to wait till the fair opened at ten o'clock.

First stand I visited was the one of Georgia Marfels, who makes the most wonderful, magical miniatures. I especially love her Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters and the Mandrakes.

It was lovely meeting Georgia in person!


I promised my friend Kim to look for some moulds of lizards, frogs and bats :)

Next I went to Marike's Magical Miniatures. It's alway wonderful to see all the magical displays and catch up with Marike xD

 I also bought Kim some dripping candles she'd asked for.

Next on my list; Nalladris. Because I wanted to buy a Nal-LED system for the Hogsmead cottage. Got a spring loaded terminal block, a power block, hearth blocks for the fire places and Nal-LED flames for every room. This will motivate me to get back to building for sure :D

I was surprised by the very tiny, lovely purple toad stoods they gave me "because you love Harry Potter" ;)

After I purchased the things on top of my list, I started wandering through the aisles, and as always saw many lovely things.
At MyThai Miniaturen I found these turquiose jug and cups for the cottage kitchen, and a very small paint brush.

And a few stands later at Tumdee Miniatures I found gorgeous vases and a fruit bowl in that same turquoise colour. Also bought a brown vase and some fruit (a)

Of course I visited Minidoor. Talked some, showed Thea my quilt and bought more fruit, a crochet needle and some very pretty fabric <3

By then I was getting a bit overwhelmed, so I decided to take a break at Marike's. 

And a break is exactly what I need right know, and get some sleep, so more photo's tomorrow :)


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  1. Love your purchases Arlette, how great to be able to meet all these creative people! But I think you need to get rid of this Kim person......she sounds very demanding ;)

    1. She sure is. Especially when it comes to SOCKS! o.O
      But I need her for swaps since she also makes gorgeous miniatures, so I suffer - not so - silently ghe ghe