vrijdag 28 april 2017

More waffles :)

I've just learned to crochet the waffle stitch. It's fun to do and much easier than it looks :) I already showed you the first things I made but they were not done.
Since then I sewed a faux sheet to the bedcover and finished the cushions.

I really should finish the matrasses for the beds (a)

One of the lovely fabrics I bought at the fair in Rijswijk last week. This one is from Jan van den Doel. Bianca now has two cushions for the price of one ;)

Yesterday I tried to make another very tiny cushion with the last of this brown embroidery thread I've been given, but it just wasn't enough. And so I came up with the idea to make a cosy candle holder instead :D

This may be a good way to use every last bit of thread I have. So ... ;)

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