woensdag 30 mei 2018

Visiting 'Hogwarts' - Lacock Abbey

One of the things I was looking for was to re-visit Lacock. I've been there in 2011 while on my trip to London with my son, and that had been a highlight then :)

Lacock is the place you see in TV period dramas, like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Moll Flanders and Cranford. There are also TV and Film Credits for Robin of Sherwood, Randall & Hopkirk, The Mayor of Casterbridge, The Other Boleyn Girl and The Wolfman.

But ... we went to see Lacock Abbey, that features as Hogwarts in several of the Harry Potter movies! Like several rooms that were used as Professors McGonagall, Quirrel and Snape's classrooms. The cloister walk where Harry comes out from Professor Lockhart's room after serving detention and hears the basilisk, and where Dobby turns on Lucius Malfoy and tells him that "you shall not harm Harry Potter!" 'Walk in Harry Potter's footsteps'

My friend had been in Lacock several times but never to the Abbey and had planned to do that on this trip. I'd been here when my son and I did the Harry Potter Tour to Oxford & Lacock by Brit Movie Tours.
As soon as we arrived at the car park it felt familiar and I remembered all kind of details from my first visit, which was nice :)

The spot where Alan Rickman aka Professor
Snape told us: "I can teach you how to bottle
fame, brew glory, even stopper death ...";)

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