donderdag 29 maart 2018

A photo light box to show case my plant hangers

Though I'm not the greatest photographer anyway, taking good pictures of my plant hangers for my Etsy shop is especially hard to do.
I've thought about making making just a shallow roombox with a series of tiny hooks at the top, but figured that would only solve one problem. After some Pinterest research I came up with a combination of such a roombox and a photo light box.
Just a diy from a cardboard box, but personalised and pretty ;)

I covered the inside with a nice, but neutral wall paper and
used an old curtain to cover both the openings. At the top
there's a little overhang for multiple hooks.

Of course I wanted the outside to look nice
as well (a) 

I've not added a floor so I can put it an anyunderground
I want, even outside, or just put a white paper underneath.

It looks like Harry is enjoying a bit of sunshine, isn't it? :)
There are 5 hooks already and I can add more in the future.

There's an opening at the top for plain white
paper or maybe change the background

This is how it looks then. Great when I want a photo of a
single item, instead of making a nice scenery.

And when I'll have lights on the sides, there
won't be shadows like there are now.

Time to make new plant hangers now :)

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  1. Mooie oplossing, Arlette. Goed bedacht dat je de achtergrond kunt wisselen.