maandag 27 november 2017

Making mugs and Christmas candy

After I made a new batch of gingerbread men, this time making them a bit more sturdy and lighter brown, I also tried candy canes again and even peppermints.
And with all that candy, next thing I needed to have were drinks, right? :)
I tried this one from red Fimo first out of a solid cone, which I hollow out with a drill bit (yeah, really :P). 

Based on a mix of different tutorials (I'll give the links at the end of this blog), I tried other mugs as well. I made a longer Fimo cane, that fitted into a mug I once bought and baked it before cutting it in pieces. Wrapped in aluminum foil and then Fimo, I baked them again, after which I cut the end that wasn't the neatest looking, and removed the Fimo cane/mould and the foil. The hardest part was adding the handles, and making them look as much the same as I could.

I draw the snowman and the words first with pencil, painted the snowman with acryl paint using an embossing tool. The words were too challenging for me, so in the end I just used a black fineliner (a)

Before I varnished them with Fimo gloss, I tried it first with a little cup and saucer I made as well, to see if the fineliner would not blend together.

I love them already but of course now they needs hot chocolate and whiped cream and marshmallows, but that's for the next blog: Hot chocolate and whiped cream ;)

Tutorials I (partly) used:

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