donderdag 13 april 2017

Samen knutselen / Crafting together - April

After making (egg carton) bricks last week, yesterday it was time to start glueing them, at the monthly crafting afternoon.
I soon discovered that I'd made enough bricks to built a small village, but better safe than sorry and try to mix the exact shade of paint again :)

Before we started with the bricks we each needed to decide if and where we'd want a door and window, and what size they would be.
Jolinda, who has a larger roombox wants to make some outdoor steps and place the door a bit higher. Wil has a teabox similar to mine, and followed my decisions. Since the teabox is only 7 cm deep we'll try to put the door slantwise between back and side wall to have more room left. A bit like in this gorgeous roombox "Olie's Tweet Shop" by Becky Seward.
Due to lots of chatting, making coffee and maybe working a bit (too) precisely, I'll only had 4 or 5 rows by the time Jolinda and Wil left (a) While they're wall started to look like brick-layers had been working for hours ;)
Fortunately I didn't need to pack everything, so I continued in the evening untill my bricks hit the edge of the window (too). I already love how it looks.

Next month we'll be making doors together. Can't wait :)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja, nu ben je net zover als wij, ziet er al gezellig uit, Arlette!

    1. Dank je :)
      Ik zag toevallig gisteren dat Wendy die tegels gemaakt had en ze had bedekt met de grijze structuurverf, dus erover en ertussen, en dat gaf een erg goed effect. Bv voor de tuintegels xD