maandag 11 september 2017

How to make an Hogwarts steamer trunk part 2

After part 1 it was time to start adding bits and pieces to the trunk.

First I cut the died fabric cord in four equal parts of approx.
20 cm. I glued two in the lines I drew in the middle and two 
on the outside so they cover the wood seams. Once that had
dried, I glued the ends on the front and cut the excess cord.

I made two equal paper templates for the handles,
glued them with Tacky glue to the back of a
scrap of thin leather.

After I cut them out carefully, I made some very small strips
for aluminum and folded it around one side of the leather.
I used part of a matt silver coloured paper fastener,
but you could also use an aluminum tea light cup.

Before I attached the handles to the trunk I coloured the back of
the handles. Just to hide the paper. And I also decided to give the
outside of the trunk a coat of matt varnish first.

I resized and printed the Hogwarts logo.

And added Draco's initials :)
Here's also a look at the handles.

The further I got, the more I felt that the
greenish cord wasn't what the trunk needed.
So I cut 5 mm strips of black leather but
they just looked to new and shiny.

So, I decided on this brown leather.
A bit snake-like, so that seemed appropriate
for a Slytherin ;)

I found a nice green paper with a classy pattern
and glued that with wood glue on the inside of
the trunk. From the brow leather I cut four
strips and glued two together twice. I added tiny
pieces of aluminum from a tealight cup on the ends.

So, almost done with the inside. In the next part
I want to add the metal details on the outside
and show you the finished trunk :)

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