maandag 1 mei 2017

Preparing the cottage walls for the windows

After I had removed the masking tape that had held the walls together I've been working on the cottage for the last three days.
First I cut out all the openings for the windows and door, so there can be no more changing those plans now, won't there? ;)

Then I gave all the walls a primer coat with Gesso.

I even tried the lighting system from Nalladris to see how easy it is :D It's not nearly as bright in reality though.

After marking the right spots for the fireplaces and the ceiling lights (in the middle of each room) I got the serious tools out ghe ghe
I must be getting used to them already because the 9 holes were drilled in no time. And of course I checked them all.

So yesterday I could finally start with the windows. I'm following this great tutorial from Jenn's Mini Worlds! Because it's such precise work - I'm almost touching the table with my nose while measuring and cutting - I can't do it for more than ten minutes at the time, and even then ...
My whole body ached when I woke up today :')

But one strip of wood (of Balsa) at the time still makes one sash frame.

Even with those itsy bitsy 1,5 mm mullions :)

So, after only one day (a) I could stain the window sash frame.

When the stain will be completely dry, I can insert the glass. Also, there will be a window back frame, an outer frame, inner frame and sill ... oh my :')
But then ... well, then I have to make ten more windows :)

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  1. Oh wow Arlette! That is very precise work, just what I've come to expect from you ;) xx

    1. Thanks, Kim :)
      It will probably take me a few months for the windows alone :')