vrijdag 14 april 2017


This month I participated for the first time in an organized SWAP, through the Facebook groep Magical Minds.
Although it was a secret exchange, I got to make something for Madelon who organized the swap, so that part wasn't a secret, but of course she didn't know what she'd get :)
We had all told the others what our preferences where; 1:12 or 1:1, what sort of magical things you love etc. Madelon had told she'd love to get something 1:12, Harry Potter/Griffyndor/Fantasic Beast ... Well, I could work with that :D

One of the things I've made was this tiny birthday cake Hagrid gave the 11-year old Harry. Though the origional one was rather pink than purple (a) I've used spaghetti letters for the text, and made the tiny box from card board.

I've also made a leather with's or wizard's hat, just plain because students don't usually have all kind of decorations on their hats :P
And I added the Marauders' Map, the Beetle the Bard book and three bottles with potion ingredients to the package.

I've found the tutorial for the witch's hat at Gina Bellous Dolls and the tutorial for the Harry Potter birthday cake is from the talented Maive Ferrando!

So, after sending the SWAP it was time to wait till Madelon would receive it, with fingers crossed that she would like it :')
And of course at the same time anticipating the arrival of my own!

Today it arrived. Just seeing the envelope, made me so happy! ;)

I first read the card with the lovely message, explaing she doesn't normally make miniatures, before I started unwrapping the gifts. Love the attention she put into it!

I love the rug! I think it's perfect for the cottage. Don't know in which room I'll put it, but I will decorate that room with these colours :)
The colours are great for the Weasley boho chic style I'm after and the way she changed from one colour to another - mid row - is spot on! I could never do that:')

I love the idea of Bianca and Penny having there own magical family clock <3 I can see it hanging on the kitchen wall above the kitchen table where Penny will be drawing or reading a Quidditch magazine, while her mom is making diner.

And a little Slytherin scarf! I once made one, but not nearly as nice! Draco will be quite pleased :)
It also shows that she really looked at my blog, because I only mentioned the cottage for our swap preferences.

Though she didn't put her name on it, I'm known to act as an amateur Sherlock, so I've deducted yesterday Nine have made a SWAP for me, and the postal code confirmed it ;)

So, thank you so much, Nine! <3

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  1. Madelon really really really loved the things you made! Thank you so much. I hope you will accept the next swap too so someone else can experience the feeling I had when I saw your package.

  2. Aw, that's so nice of both of you, Nine and Madelon!
    I experienced the same. When I made the things for Madelon, as well as when I received them from Nine <3