dinsdag 18 april 2017

Bedroom mini's

After the non-sewing quilt and beds for both Penny and Bianca, I wanted to make more bedding. I accidentally found some great fabric, and even this great tutorial from Judy Ferguson. I decided to make a quilt for a double bed.

In the latest P&M magazine was a tutorial about a crochet stitch I didn't know, but looked great imo :) And since I had gotten wonderful Anchor perle cotton threads not long ago, you can probably guess what I have been doing the last weeks ;)

Not only have I made this bedcover/throw, but also two small pieces I'd like to turn into cushions. The two striped pillows are something I did in between xD

And this morning I've made some matching pillow cases, before I took some photo's (a)
Since I don't have a double bed, I had to put both the single beds together.

This weekend I hope to find my Penny at the fair in Rijswijk, so she can test her bed ;) And also, I hope to show some progress on the cottage soon :)

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