zondag 17 december 2017

Aprons, lanterns and candles :)

After taking photo's yesterday of everything that was send to me by Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, I also took some time to take some of the new Christmas miniatures I've made :)

With all those mugs of chocolate and the candy I'd decided I needed an apron :) First I'd made the one with the white ruffles, then I'd made two more masculine aprons, for Harry and Draco ^^

I'd made a wreath with one of the gingerman and some peppermints. And since I'd made so many peppermints and candy canes, I decided to decorate a christmas tree with them.
Doesn't Harry look handsome? He has just baked an apple pie ;) 

Next I wanted to make some lanterns for the Christmas market stall I've made last year.
The inspiration came from this blog called Pequenece.

I've made them from cardboard and some ornament, painted everything black with acrylic paint, and then added some brushes of azure blue acrylic. For a finishing touch I brushed a little bit of goldenbrown eyeshadow on the corners.

For the candles I used translucent white Fimo, blended with a (very) tiny bit of caramel Fimo.

I mixed some Christmasred Fimo with some of the translucent white/caramel mixture to make some more candles :)

The candles with the three candleswicks didn't turn out as well as I hoped, and I think the bigger red candles need a red wick instead of a white, but overall I like them.

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    1. Nog bedankt, Jolinda [/beetje laat]
      Ben benieuwd of je ook nog lantaarntjes gemaakt hebt xD