maandag 28 augustus 2017

Doors for the Hogsmeade Cottage, part 2

Just a short update on my doors (well 'short'; it took me a few days to write this ^^). I've been feeling rather poorly the last week, so I couldn't do much, and what I did ... well poorly crafted doors were the result. But you can only learn from mistakes, right? :')

I'd started with a closed door (above, on the left) and went very well. Untill, I noticed that the jamb and the frame of the door were for the opening between the entrance hall and the kitchen, and I wanted a door with a small window there :')
So, thought I could save that door for the attic and started the next. But ... glued the whole door instead of only around the window opening (above, middle) *sighs* Maybe I can used that part if I can remove the 'glass' and make the second solid door?
Well, third time's the charm, isn't it? So, this time I did everything right, and I was very proud of the result. Untill ... I saw that the door was just a few mm too small, so it just fitted between the doorstop instead of against it :(


But, on the positive side; I love the way the window turned out the second time :) 
I used two sheets of gelatine and moved them just a bit sidewards to create smaller diamond shapes.

Fortunately, the jamb and frame also fitted in the opening of the attic wall.

I decided to see if I could make a better fitted door by added a thin slat of wood. Another benefit would be that I could use that for the hinges, and figuring those out without damaging the door :')

Using masking tape before glueing things is my secret :)

 It nearly fitted, so I could just cut a slice from that slat of Balsa.

 The nails will get in the door after I'll glue it all together.

So, I guess it's time to stain the frame, attach the hinges to it and then fit the door a final time :)

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  1. Looking fab Arlette! Really impressive, I would have given up after the first try 😂