vrijdag 7 april 2017

Making bricks for the garden project

Last month we started working on a roombox for all the garden items we made so far with our little crafting group. We intend to make a brick wall with a window and a door, a bench or potting table and a lot of small things of course. Though every time we see photo's or tutorials of garden diorama's we want to change our minds about the wall, or the door, or the floor, ... ;)

I will make the garden scene in this tea box I bought at the Action for only 3 euro. Just 21 x 21 x7 cm, so not much room for all the fabulous idea I'd gathered so far. And making choices isn't really my cup of tea ;)

So, last month first I carefully removed the wooden text on the glass, removed the lid, and then started with painting the box with Gesso, just like Jolinda and Wil did.
We then cut some card board, the same size as the back and sides of the box, so we could make the floor and walls more easily before glueing them in the box.

Since we'll continue this upcoming wednesday, I need to make tiny bricks this weekend. We'll each be glueing the bricks we made on the grey walls.
I might need even more than I think so I've already started yesterday with painting egg cartons. I'd mixed so many paints to get the right 'brick' colour, I ended up painting almost every egg carton I had saved ;) I hoped I still liked it in the morning(light), because I was all out of paint by the time I was finished.

Fortunately I did! So this morning I could start with the tiring job of cutting every piece of egg carton in little 0,5 x 1,5 cm bricks.

 The first batch is done. I like it so far, so I better continue and hope I have enough by sunday evening ;)

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