zondag 26 maart 2017

A bed for Penny

When showing the non-sewing quilt I made I used Draco's four poster bed in the final photo, but that didn't feel right. So I put the quilt away for the time being because, of course, I wanted to make a bed for little Penny next :)
I decided to make the bed based on Julie Warren's tutorial (left), but with the head- and footboard I found in an other tutorial (right).


One tutorial was in cm, the other was in inches, so lots of adapting needed to be done, and then they both happened to be double beds, so I had to resize - and remeasure - everything to a smaller size as wel. Secretly I liked the measuring and drawing part though (a)

Can you tell I love masking tape? (a) I'd be lost without it, ghe ghe

I used tiny doorknobs, bought at Minidoor, to decorate the head- and footboard.

After I finished Penny's bed I couldn't find the quilt anywhere o.O I looked everywhere, untill finally I found it. Someone took it!!

Harry was just trying to sneak into the bed also, when I came and started making photo's (a)

After a lot of arguing - and the promise to make them a quilt too - I could place it on Penny's bed :)

I thought mother Bianca should get the same bed (with other bedding of course) because it might look weird having two different beds in one small room. It's not the same as with the different kitchen chairs, I think. I image (since they rented the cottage furnished) that there should be two single beds that could be shoved together for a couple :') Unless a previous tenant must have broken the bed and it had been replace by a different bed (a)

The first bed ended up becoming Bianca's bed, because lack of space in the attic room asked for a smaller second bed. Wish I could make it less long as well, but even old cottages probably have decent beds ;) Without the legs and boards there could be even more space but I decided against that.

After seeing the quilt on the four poster bed, I decided not to paint Penny's bed but stain it. I like the warm colours of wood for an attic room. This time I didn't use the oak stain like I did on the table and chair seats (the square in the middle) but used two different shades of brown shoe polish.

So on the right side is the smaller, lighter bed, which will be Penny's, and the left, regular single size bed with darker shade will be for Bianca.

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