zondag 29 januari 2017

That '70s style

While I was waiting to get my courage together (#jigsawfear), I researched that Weasley's boho chic style I talked about. I gathered lots of pictures and made a new Pinterest board called Boho chic inspiration and one for for wonderful Colour combinations :)
I discovered that I seem to like turquoise combinations a lot. And so I picked these colours for the Hogsmeade house living room, probably with some others as well, maybe ochre.

Something else I noticed; the boho chic style shows a lot of plant hangers, cushions, rugs. That's something I can do while building the house, because I like to alternate that with some smaller, easier crafts ;)
When I saw the pictures of plant hangers I remembered how I loved doing macramé when I was a teenager.

Macramé comes from a 13th-century Arabic weavers’ word migramah meaning “fringe”. This refers to the decorative fringes on camels and horses which help, amongst other things, to keep the flies off the animal in the hot desert regions of northern Africa.

Macramé regained popularity during the 1970s as a means to make wall hangings, articles of clothing, bedspreads, small jean shorts, tablecloths, draperies, plant hangers and other furnishings. By the early 1980s macramé had again begun to fall out of fashion as a decoration trend.

Well, you can guess what happened next, can you? ;) Within a day I'd brushed up my knowledge on knots, and remembered that there was a tutorial in one of the latest isssues of the P&M magazine (no. 143).
I choose two colours of embroidering thread; DMC 828 (the light blue) and 321 (the red one). The treads were not as thin as they're suppossed to be so that's propably why they were too short and I ended up with some unintentionally knots (a) I also skipped some knots when I figured out the hanger would become too large.

I wanted a more colourful flower pot than the one in the photo above, so I painted that one red, and then made a few more from Fimo.

Maybe next time I'll paint the beads as well, but I like how this first one looks xD

And yes, I said 'the first one' because I almost immediately started the next one ;)

I really enjoy doing macramé (again) and find it a relaxing pastime, so I predict you'll be seeing a lot more macramé crafts in the near future.

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