vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Samen knutselen / Crafting together - Mei

Two days ago Jolinda and Wil came over for our montly crafting afternoon, or in this case morning.
We'd start with the door and see how far we'd come that morning.
I started with the door itself, and Wil - having the same roombox, followed my lead ;) Jolinda, who has a larger roombox, and a different idea for the door in mind, started with the frame.
Since I'd recently made the four windows for the cottage and already had started with a door, I found it relatively easy to build the door without a tutorial.
After three hours the door was almost done. I only need to make the two small panels, and after that start with the frame.

The door will be put in  the corner instead of flat against the wall, which will safe space, and also give the opportunity to put a little crochet curtain for the window ;)

zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Crochet shawl

I enjoyed learning the waffle stitch, which is great for cushions, blankets and throws. But I always want to learn something new and challenge myself just a bit.
So yesterday I found this (Dutch) pattern on Wolplein.nl for a 1:1 shawl and I decided to give it a try ;)
I assumed I needed to addapt the pattern a bit for a 1:12 version, but I didn't.
Using DMC Perle Cotton Thread Ball Size 8 no 781 and my 0.60 mm crochet needle it turned out to be the perfect size. Well, I only did 14 rows instead of 34 rows, but I followed the pattern itself.
Love making this one, so there probably will be more in the future :)

dinsdag 9 mei 2017

More about windows

For the glass I used a sheet of gelatine. Very easy, very cheap (10 eurocent/glass ^^) and it looks very nice for this kind of window imo. I just glued it with Tacky glue to the already stained frame.

The outer frames, cut, glued and stained :)

First window is done!

I'm going to add a 2 cm sill on the inside.

On to the next windows. I decided to cut the parts for two windows at the same time. Should've known better though; the third window - on the other wall - was just a few mm smaller, so I had to adjust all my frames.

Didn't save me any time, but it would have if I had checked the handy template I've made for the different frames before just cutting the wood (a)

After taping the parts together to keep them as straight as possible, I glued them without removing the tape :)

And then it's time to sand and stain.

So, after a week, the windows for both sidewalls are finished. There will be two smaller windows in the back, and appox. 5-7 in the front, but that's something I'll do at a later stadium ;)
The window tutorial is from Jenn's Mini Worlds.

Also, I have to purchase Balsa wood again soon, since I'm almost out of the 1,5 mm strips. And I'm sure I'll need it sooner then later because now it's time to start with making doors. Oh my ;)
I buy Balsa at Het Hobbyhuis, who deliver the wood fast and safe.

maandag 1 mei 2017

Preparing the cottage walls for the windows

After I had removed the masking tape that had held the walls together I've been working on the cottage for the last three days.
First I cut out all the openings for the windows and door, so there can be no more changing those plans now, won't there? ;)

Then I gave all the walls a primer coat with Gesso.

I even tried the lighting system from Nalladris to see how easy it is :D It's not nearly as bright in reality though.

After marking the right spots for the fireplaces and the ceiling lights (in the middle of each room) I got the serious tools out ghe ghe
I must be getting used to them already because the 9 holes were drilled in no time. And of course I checked them all.

So yesterday I could finally start with the windows. I'm following this great tutorial from Jenn's Mini Worlds! Because it's such precise work - I'm almost touching the table with my nose while measuring and cutting - I can't do it for more than ten minutes at the time, and even then ...
My whole body ached when I woke up today :')

But one strip of wood (of Balsa) at the time still makes one sash frame.

Even with those itsy bitsy 1,5 mm mullions :)

So, after only one day (a) I could stain the window sash frame.

When the stain will be completely dry, I can insert the glass. Also, there will be a window back frame, an outer frame, inner frame and sill ... oh my :')
But then ... well, then I have to make ten more windows :)