donderdag 2 maart 2017

Struggling with stairs, and walls, and ...

It's been awhile since I wrote a blog, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy with crafting (for) my miniature cottage. So prepare yourself, because I hope to catch up on everything in the next couple of days ;)

First let me give you an update on the building process. After I found (a tutorial on) the kind of windows I want to make, it was time to make the openings.
I didn't want to use the jigsaw for this job, but I discovered that my hobby knife could cut well enough through the 4 mm wood. Wish I'd known that earlier ;)

Before I cut the opening for the stair well, I wanted to check if I had the measurements right , so I taped the walls and floors together.

That was a wise decision because seeing it that way, I discovered there would not be enough room (for a doll to stand straight xD) with the roof right above the stair well. 
So I needed to change the plan, or better yet, the stairs :') But boy, what a challenge! 
I decided to turn the stairs, but I'd still had to make a turn in order  for a 1/12 figure to have the right headroom.

The blue line is the stairs. 1 = original plan, you can see the problem :') 2 = better but still not good, and 3 is with a turn, so the stair well will be more in the middle of the floor.

I wracked my brain with that stairs problem for a couple of days.  Making those turns was a really frustrating thing, but I got there ^^ I figured out what I was going to do and found a plan xD

The stairs were driving me crazy anyway though. Had started over and over because one step wouldn't fit, I broke one or the glue hadn't been dry enough before I continued  :')

By the end of the week I had the feeling I was half way through, and I hoped the last bit would be easier now that I'd figured things out.  
I had to cut the precious stairs in half. It was a though choice; cutting one in half and saving a lot of time, or making a new one and keeping these for 'you never know when you need exactly such stairs'.

I spent almost the whole saturday making the other turn :')

And because I was very satisfied with the second 'turn of the stairs', I wanted to do the first part over (a)

I seemed to have gotten more stairs LOL The middle one is for the cottage in case you got confused.

I struggled with the stairs for hours the next morning. Thought I made a mistake with measurement, corrected that, saw another, etc etc untill everything seemed wrong and I wanted to scream (a)
So in the end I
decided to continue with the first one (right on the photo above), which now looked a lot better all of a sudden *sighs*

Finally, after a long and enjoyable walk, I managed to put all the pieces of the stairs together.

On monday, while I was feeling good about having made the stairs, I started drawing new plans. And then I discovered a new fault.  If you can't have a stair well near the wall under the roof, then a door won't fit either :') 
So, more adaptions, and when I finally thought I knew how much wood I'd need to buy for the rest of the walls, I went to my dad again, just to be sure. Good thing I did, because we discovered a new problem, which I could solve by cutting/sawing 0,4 cm from the walls I'd already sawed *cried*

It took me untill the next day to feel up do that :') Afterwards I cut the between walls for the ground floor, and took another look at the stairs. 

I was afraid they wouldn't be staight, so I taped temporarily walls to the stairs and they looked straight enough ;)

I'll continue with the stairs when the house is getting to the point that they can be put into place :)

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